Anyone want to ride in Utah July 23-Aug 7th?

I will be in Utah July 23-Aug 7th, The first week in SLC and Provo and the second week I will be going down to Page AZ (Lake Powell). If you live there or in-between (South of SLC) it would be great to ride with you. It is also likely that we will go to Moab and/or Arches park. Ill have my muni and probably trials unicycle. If your interested in planning a ride send me a PM with you location, and some way to contact you (phone#, Email, IM) Thanks.

Sorry, I’ll be at Nationals and then Cedar Point. But a bunch of us were in Utah last year around that time. Advice:

BRING A REALLY, REALLY BIG CONTAINER FOR WATER! It’s bloody hot there this time of year. In the SLC area go for some nice, high mountain trails. You can probably contact Rolf Thompson (through the Moab Muni Fest web site–do a search) for advice on this trails to ride. My favorite was the “Sound of Music” one. Tell him that and he’ll know what I meant. That was one of the most beautiful rides I’ve ever been on.

In Moab it will be super-hot, to the point of being dangerous. I highly recommend you ride at the crack of dawn, and/or as the sun is setting. Don’t be too ambitious, and only expect to ride the entire Slickrock trail if you are experienced with riding under severely hot conditions with no shade.

Have fun, and take pictures!

Thanks for the advice john.

I am in Mapleton right now, near Provo. So if your around pm me your phone number and we can arrange a ride somewhere.
See ya