anyone want to ride in London on Saturday afternoon or Brighton the days following?

I’m going to have an afternoon to kill in London on Saturday and a few days in Brighton, Sunday - Tuesday, if anyone fancies meeting up for a bit of trials.

Ah man! Any other Saturday and I would have caught the train down! Its Jo’s 21st birthday piss up that day, so I will be going to that! :angry:


Boo hiss.

Would’ve been good to see you after your absence from NUTS at the weekend.

Oh yeah. How are the NUTters? Was it a good turn out?

There were six or seven of us. Everything was a bit damp so not huge amounts of riding got done but it was good to meet Bungalistic and his buddy. I had a bit of a nasty crash and bashed my chin on the back rest of a bench and then we went to a pub.

NUTS in a nutshell.

Well, some weekends I’d have said yes. However, this weekend I’m flying over to Ireland. Sorry dude. Will have to catch up with you for a ride some other time.


You’re timing, as usual, sucks.