anyone want to make a new friend

we got this in York UK, from the unicycle the solar system website
(, anyone fancy replying ?

>From: bk_baker <> Subject: Hi from California
>I really want to make friends with other unicyclists. I know you folks
>are far away. Yet, it would still be fun to write!! I love riding long
>distance. I have a 28" Semcycle and I am looking forward to getting the
>big one - The Coker Job - Yeh Baby!! You never know, I may one day visit
>the UK. I am 42 years old and I am very normal. I don’t know how to
>juggle, nor do I plan on learning. I will never join the circus. My wife
>and I are long distance runners, and my uni ridding is a great addition
>to my exercise routine. (my wife will never - I mean never - put herself
>on one wheel.)
>Anyway, please reply and say hello. I would love to converse with others
>who actually find it fun to ride a uni. And, I would love to have pen
>pals from a far away place.
>Sincerely, Bruce Baker

– Rob.

Rob Stone, Psychology, University of York, York, YO10 5DD. 01904 433161
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