Anyone want 2 sell me a kh or summit uni in the uk?

Ive got a nimbus trials uni but im kinda afraid of doing big drops with it. All summits are for sale in the USA which is annoying seeing as I live in England. If anyone wants to sell me a kh or summit trials uni that would be nice.

did I mention I lived in England UK.

Haha, I’ll sell you the frame. You can’t hide from me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Re: Anyone want 2 sell me a kh or summit uni in the uk?

These fine people want to sell you one.

thanks for your help catboy, but i don’t have a job at the moment. I meant second had, sorry if I was not specific enough.

i havent seen anyone in the uk with a summit frame other than me, and i dont particularly want to sell mine, i had a hard time getting it. but i thought id tell u theyre not all theyre cracked up to be… its a very heavy frame and not that great for trials, plus its hard to get a seatpost to fit over here cos its wider than normal. its strong and the weight makes it stable so if u wanna ride street its cool. the nimbus shud take a lot of punishment, iv never managed to break mine and ive done some hefty drops on it like 6ft+ … i just didnt like the fly away feel you get cos its so light… u mite be better trying an onza frame, still light and very sturdy but a bit wider and stuff

not that that was a sales pitch but u can have my onza frame and seat post for… i dunno… 20quid or whatever plus the postage, if u want it.

Wow, thanks for that north. I might even take you up on your offer. Il pm u if i get cash n if not then its a no. thaks very much for the info

Why would you buy an Onza frame when you have a nimbus? That’s pointless. The onza frame is the same as the nimbus, except it has metal welded caps instead of the plastic, and also it is a different color. Don’t waste your money. Also, the frame is not what makes the summit good. YOu should buy a splined wheel (KH, Onza, profile, qu-ax), and just put that on the seat and frame of your nimbus.

Actually they both come with plastic caps on them.

Or at least my nimbus and onza did.

I think the US nimbus frames are different from ours.
the onza is wider at the crown than the nimbus frame and takes the wider (US/27mm) seat post. neither of my nimbus frames have the plastic caps.

the point anout cranksets is a good one tho… you cant get the profile one in the uk as far as I’m aware, Ive been running the KH one on my street uni since I got it and its taken a lot of punishment, but its heavy, and you have to put 12 gauge spokes on it to make it fit the Onza rim, which means drilling the hub and rim, plus the cranks are really horribly designed and you’ll cut your ankles on them alot! on the plus side, you can get 127mm cranks for it now, which gives a bit more speed (tho less control) and means u dont bash your pedal on the floor doing tight turns. Im going to put my onza hub and cranks onto my summit when Im less lazy, but Im not sure how much punishment (drops, grinds etc) its going to take. dont know anything about qu-ax so I cant help you there, but I didnt think it was splined…

ill sell you mine, but you have to pay for shipping.