Anyone wanna climb Mount Washington?

Joe you are welcome to borrow my 29er with 170s on it if you are interested, also have a 26 that you could use with a street tire.

Edit: personally I think you will find the lightness of the 29er much better on the steep portions, just my opinion.

I would LOVE to do this. Looks like it would be a real challenge. It would be doable on Coker with 170s, but with shorter I think you would bum out on the 22% section. I might go with a 29er with 152mm instead. I used that setup in several 24 hour races and you can still ride fast, but have lots of leverage. The Coker iteslf is just so HEAVY in comparison.

Good luck!!


Cool. That would be great. I agree that the weight of the Coker would be an impediment. Next time I make it to NYUC can you bring your 29er? I’d like to try it again. You probably don’t keep 170s on it normally do you? Joe

Normally I have 150s on it.

Let me know about the meetings, I hope to be there tomorrow, and would have it then. As you know there is a good steep hill right there at Grants Tomb across Riverside on the NW side. I just need a little notice to be sure I have 170s available for you.

I do also have some Kooka 165s on my first Coker which could easily be swapped.

29er for sure on this ride. I was thinking that I might rather have a lighter and skinnier tire than the Big Apple, but I’m not positive. I’m not sure about crank length either. Probably best to experiment and see what works, but my best guess is between 150 and 170, as others have said.

Anyone have ideas about practice locations for this ride? Not many roads with extended steep grades around me, that I know of.


another climb to ride

I believe there’s a bike race from the ocean to the top of Hawaii’s big volcano, 30 something miles and 14K+ vert.

Me and my Torker, someday…

You could try Pack Monadnock in Peterborough, NH

Or try Blue Hills

I don’t know what your objective for the race is- whether to ride the whole thing without getting off; or to ride the whole thing as fast as possible. I would suggest that if it’s so steep that you can’t pedal a 29’er with 150mm cranks anymore, then it would be faster to get off and run.

It’s about three times faster to run up Baldwin Street than it is to ride up on a bike or unicycle.

Good luck.