Anyone using Large Marge Wheel Yet?

I see Surly how has their Large Marge in a 24 inch size. Is anyone using it?


Oooo, ooo, oooo! I was waiting for this day (whenever “this day” was) so now maybe I’ll buy one for my beast of a new muni. Who was it that tried out the 26" Large Marge?


Max Dingemans and George Barnes both have unicycles with 26" Large Marge rims. I’m keen to try the 24" version, but they aren’t available in NZ yet. :frowning: You’ll need a custom frame or at least a very wide frame to fit a Gazz on these rims. George said to me that the with is more like 3 1/4" for a 3" Gazz tyre.

Mojoe has a ‘demo’ 26 x 3 marge for awhile now …

Gary of is getting a quote for me on one of the 24" Large Marge’s on monday! Yippee!. :smiley:


24" Large Marge

24" Large Marge rims aren’t in stock, yet. Look for them mid-to-late March.


That’s awesome!!!

Here’s my page about my 26 inch LM;

Here’s George’s page with a really good review of the rim with more pictures. The Large Marge is so cool, that George brought it to his wedding. :slight_smile:

Mine’s a factory sample, so that’s why it’s not black. The rest are black. A 24 inch would be a good size for muni. I can’t believe Surly got them made this fast. (Thanks Dave!)

With a Gazzaloddi, you will need a wide frame and if you run brakes, the mounts will have to set out wider than normal.

Large Marge is the bombdiggity…yo…


If you don’t run a brake, can you use a YUni frame?

I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think you can with a 3 inch tire. Max uses a Bedford frame and I think the he has a 2.7 tire. George made an extra-wide frame for the wheel when he used it last summer, then he sold me the frame.

Surly is working on a 4 inch wide tire, so I’ll have to get a wider frame to fit that some time.


Is there any production frame that can fit one of these beasts?

I’ve measured my KH24 frame, and it seems like it would fit a 65mm hub.
But, I’d rather build a new unicycle, does anyone know if the new KH2005 MUni frames fit a 65mm rim?

My planned Large Marge setup: KH/Onza hub and crankset, KH 24" frame, Large Marge rim, KH Fusion seat. Any constructive suggestions?
I’ve never built a wheel before. I have found some tutorials online, anything I should keep in mind?

u reckon a hunter 26" would fit one in?

the 26" version that is…

and is it stronger than a doublewide sun?

Highly doubtful. The sun doublewide is basically a motorcycle rim, but built to fit a bike tire. It’s about as strong as things get.

Even if the rim will fit in the frame, your tire sidewall may rub the Magura brake bosses. That was the case with my GB4 26 inch frame with Magura bosses. I removed the brakes and thought I could run my Large Marge/Gazzaloddi wheel in it, but the sidewalls were jammed against the brake boss on each side. The Large Marge rim really pushes the sidewalls out wider than the tread.

Look at this picture of the Marge in my GB4 Large Marge frame (aka…“Gazzilla”)…

Plenty of clearance for the tread, but less for the sidewalls.

More pics here:



What’s it like trueing such a wide wheel? I noticed in those photos that the holes are very staggered.


The Large Marge seems like a great unicycle setup. Andy used it on our recent trip so there are some photos:

Next to a Yuni 29 w/Nanoraptor

Here’s another


I don’t know what the rim is like but I will!! George is making me a frame for one, the color will be hunter green!!!

I wouldn’t be suprised if it is a lot stronger. the problem with doublewides, is that the spoke offset is not as big as it should be for as wide a rim. I’ve had a couple people tell me that they had kinked doublewide rims inward (sidewall of the rim bent down towards the hub).

I doubt it is a stronger rim. Looking at the cross sections, I would say it isn’t even close. Doublewides were made to be strong at all costs, this thing was just made to be wide.

Will the Large Marge rim (W/ a 24 inch Gaz) fit inside a standard KH 24 Muni??