Anyone using FUNN pedals?

Hey all, the LBS here has FUNN pedals on for $60 from $100. (cdn) Anyone like/hate them?

No but I did get some Shinburgers for my Muni. They really are alot less intimadating than I thought. THey are HUGE platforms and have good grip, but not great. The tons of spikes are too big to sink into your shoe.

wow,you need your own thread since you are the 1st on the fora to have these pedals.

if you can,do a review thread of them w/photo’s and sounds like you wouldnt buy them again though…?

are they heavier than the DK’s…?
how much cabbage to you drop for them…?

Re: Anyone using FUNN pedals?

Some of the reviews I’ve seen for FUNN pedals have mentioned that they use smaller diameter pedal spindles in some of their pedals. I don’t know what model got that complaint. That review is from memory so I can’t tell you where to go to read the review. I’m not much help here other than to offer a cautionary note to verify that the pedals use a good strong spindle.

I have ridden with the pedals quite a bit, and i have to say, that they are very good. I like the design, grip, and they last very well.


FUNN Soljam Vipers

I read a description of these here
and was wondering if these are being used more since this thread popped up.

Last year (May 2004), in Santa Barbara while watching the Kris Holm demmo for Horny Toad, it looked like Kris was using these pedals.

Anyone know where you can get these in the US?

Judging from the small picture, the platforms seem to resemble my KORE pedals that have performed wonderfully for me