Anyone use trials pads?

All right, this might really not work out–much like face-cratering doesn’t work out. Much like it, indeed.

But I bring it up because some trials pads are designed for ground (think rough) rims, and these might not lock up on a uni unless you wanted them to. Anyone?

I’m on almost exclusively very-steeps with my KH24 with Maguras. My arm and fingers (2, and I’d like to use 1) get very, very tired.


oh, and I’m already using the red Magura pads.

kh spooner?
… i don’t know about the pads.

I’ve used all the different colors of Magura pads, and clear plasmatic pads. In good conditions I’ve really not noticed a huge difference; perhaps the plasmatic pads did provide a bit more braking force (= less tiring for your fingers). The difference in wear didn’t seem to be too important; they all seem to last well although the black Magura pads probably should last the longest. I never found that the sticky pads caused much problem with locking up and they all squeak under some conditions.

So if you want to try them, plasmatic pads might help your fingers. If you don’t have a Spooner, getting that will help the most.