Anyone use the new 661 rampage shin guards?

Now that I’m starting to feel like one day I’ll be brave enough to try to learn new things (is that enough language to express uncertainty?) I’m starting to scout for shin protection.

I see the ¿new model? 661 rampage shin guards up for sale on udc. Anyone have any experience with those? I’ve found a very cheap set of 4x4s that I could pick up but they offer no knee protection. Now I’ve never come close to landing on my knee (knock on wood) so I don’t know how crucial knee protection is, still I don’t want to learn of the need for knee protection the hard way.

It looks like the rampage shin guards also offers knee protection in one nice package. The price point is a little high, but the cheap 4x4s I found plus purchasing knee pads separately would run about the same as the rampages.

Anyone have any experience with them? Do they stay up, breathe, etc., etc.?

The original 661 4x4 does have knee protection so if you can pick them up at a good price then go for it, they work very well. (661 did make a shin only protector but it is not called a 4X4 it is / was refered to as the Evo)

Can’t speak for the new rampage but it looks like a nice product.

Here’s the one I saw:

While it covers the knee I didn’t know whether it actually had something in there to protect it. Maybe I’ll just go for it because the price difference between that and the rampage is $50.

I went with the 4x4s. If they don’t work out I’m only out $25 which isn’t too bad.

Good choice, the 4x4s are great if you want something breathable with knee and shin protection.

Almost forgot, thanks Harley. I didn’t know the 4x4s had any knee protection at all.

Your welcome. I use the 4x4’s myself & really like them.

Just got a pair of the 661 rampage, as the 4x4’s have been discontinued, and I searched high and low for a new pair of 4x4’s in large, but came up empty. So I got a pair of the rampage Knee/shin. I haven’t actually ridden with them yet, but I did try them on, and at first blush I don’t like them nearly as much as the 4x4’s, which at least had the rear flap which covered the back of your leg.

The rampage has but a single top strap for adjustment, and that’s it! You basically slip these on like a sock, then secure the velcro strap across the top. That’s it. It doesn’t feel nearly as “attached” to my leg as the 4x4’s, and they feel like they could slide down very easily, even though they seem to be the right size. I’ll be riding with them for the first time tomorrow and I’ll get a better feel for how they work out. For $79 I sure hope they work well!

Thanks for the heads up. Doesn’t sound too promising. Let us know how that ride goes.

Thanks for the link. PricePoint still has 4x4’s in S, M, and L available for $25 a pair in the link above. My current pair still have at least a year or two left in them but they work well enough for me that I ordered another set for when they wear out.

Wow, thanks for that link! Funny, I had checked pretty much everywhere, and nothing came up in a google search for 4x4’s in large! That was then, now it appears compulsion cycles have them back in stock, but at double pricepoint price!

And I should have thought of pricepoint in my initial search because I’ve ordered LOTS of stuff from them over the years, and because they’re local, i could also save the S&H and pick it up at the warehouse. Can’t now because they’re changing buildings. Anyway, I just ordered tow pair! The only thing is, they look like an older version of 4x4’s, but that’s ok the price is right! :slight_smile:

I went with POC. See my full review here.

Thanks for the link. I’m just getting started with Muni and needed some armor without laying out the big $$.

Find a local motorcycle shop that carries off road accessories and see what they have in stock, cycle shops will often carry pads at a discount, used pads, etc…

I wish I lived in America… does anyone in Australia know of a place that sells them for under $60? all the cheaper places are sold out.

I know don’t see why anyone would but would someone be kind enough to do a big and not to mention risky favor… could i buy a pair on price point and send it to someone in USA and you post it to me and ill pay you back because the postage on pp is over $50

I bought the 661 comp knee pads. Feel secure and breath. Look like storm trooper leggings. Pricey at 60-70 bucks. Worth it to me.

I’ve done the similar one.

DIY 661 rampage