Anyone up for a SoCal muni meetup tomorrow?

I was planning on going to Turnbull Canyon tomorrow A.M. (10ish I guess) since it’s supposed to be nice, and figured I’d invite others or I’d be open to suggestion. The route I take through Turnbull is A LOT of grueling but mostly manageable uphill, my first time I’d say I walked about half of the uphill sections, but I think I could take quite a few more of them now.

It’s mostly all fire road, starting from the bottom of Beverly/Turnbull Canyon (ample parking). Once at the ‘top’ of the very long initial uphill section, I ride out to a water station with a big tree along a very slight downhill section with a lot of hills–a lot of fun to ride. Then I ride back across that, over to the rusted out water tower, and then around to Daylight Rd where you end up with a variety of options to get back down. There are a few singletrack sections but they are all very short and not very entertaining AFAIC, so I just start at where a burned out house and swimming pools used to be, ride around to an electrical tower and down a series of wide and manageable steep (without breaks) hills until there’s a nice relaxing ride back to the intro fire access road through a very foresty/canopied section which features several technical ‘toys’ to screw around on, back to the starting point. Along the ‘exit’ fire road there’s a series of, uhm, dunno what to call them, but there mountain bikers have gone up the side of the hill and carved a steep angled path, there’s several of them and all but one are manageable and fun to attempt on a unicycle. There’s a lot of opportunity for more technical or trials-based riders to stop and have a good time, which is something I’d like to do (paging Peter and his orange unicycle). Even further on the way out along Beverly there’s a series of humps on the side of the road that are a lot of fun and easy to ride over as well.

Up at the top by the water tower and the water station with the big tree there are gorgeous views of Los Angeles (assuming it’s fairly clear) and Rose Hills cemetery, specifically the Buddhist temple, so it’ll be a very scenic route too for photographers. After all that rain it seems to be very green up here.

My first time doing this, without knowing the area very well, it took me about 2 hours to do the loop, just focusing on riding and hiking. Assuming we get a group that is in for a leisurely and somewhat difficult ride (since a lot of it is uphill) there is potential for a lot of fun and cool pictures/video that could take from 2 to 3 hours. If we just motor through it we could probably be up and down in less than 2 hours.

Or, you know, there’s the fullerton loop, which I’m down for, too.

Anyway, paging the SoCal muni crew from last month…

Here’s a link to the area where you’d park It’s safe to park ANYWHERE on Beverly to the right of Painter, and it’s a very short ride to the starting location at the end of “Rose Hills No 3 Fire Road”. I notice now that all the fire roads are labeled, so the trip would be: Rose Hills No 3 to Side Fire Rd to Tank Fire E Rd, which we follow for half of, then turn around and go back the other way on Side Fire Rd to Rose Hills No 1, to Skyline Fire Rd, then it turns into Skyline Rd and there’s two options back down, a singletrack that is visibly windy, or the thin line that connects to the very thick switchbacks. Both end up at the same place: the canopied section back to Rose Hills No 3.

Just in case anybody is doing Geoladders browsing, I want to mention the 7th avenue loop which is on the other side of where I’m suggesting we ride. I don’t think the 7th Avenue Loop climb is at all manageable on a unicycle except by, maybe, unigeezer, and even he might have trouble. The way up (the lower trail) is very steep the whole way and I couldn’t ride much of it at all on the two times I tried. The way down is so much fun it’s almost ridiculous, but it’s a very short & fast ride and not worth the punishment of the way up, even if you don’t try to unicycle it and just hike the way up. The top trail is so much fun to do (it’s very steep, somewhat technical, with one decent drop at the bottom of the steepest and loosest section, laced with very sharp and steep switchbacks which are fun to navigate) it’s worth shuttling between Orange Avenue and Skyline Drive just to do it… but we won’t be doing that. Just a little FYI to attach to this post.

Sounds awesome but falls on just the wrong day. Tomorrow done got all booked up :frowning:

If anyone cares to show up, I’ll be there 10 a.m. drop me a line/txt at 562-646-7668

Here’s buzz links with HQ pictures of my ride today…

Funny graffiti:

Normally an amazing view of LA:

The way I took down:

I took a new way down, a section of singletrack that was long and, in places, really trecherous, like stuff unigeezer does in his videos but steeper. I couldn’t hang for a couple sections, would have maybe hopped down sideways if I had any trials skills. The last section was EXTREME, really narrow (1 ft wide) singletrack right up against the side of a hill with a steep 20ft+ drop off, over a series of hair pin switchbacks with no open area to easily spin around in. You can see it on this map, though it looks much wider there than it actually is. I only managed to clear two of the turns. A landslide running through the middle caused two of the connecting paths to be impassable without extremely treacherous jumps… really intense, and cool as hell.

Good ride, but too short. While that singletrack was cool, it basically cut out a good quarter of my normal ridetime. Would have had a better ride if I had just stuck to the fire access road.

Unless someone specifically wants to explore Turnbull with me as a leisurely ride to take photos (amazing views for sure, and in a month or two it will be covered in yellow flowers), I figure I’ll just stick to the Fullerton Loop from now on. More variety and not so much of a grueling uphill climb that results in a lot of hiking.


It looks like a nice area to ride. I am sorry I could not make it.


Thanks for inviting us!

Good pics. That area looks like a fun place to ride. I’d be happy to check it out…

If anyone wants to get together for a group ride (there or elsewhere) get in touch…Thinking of finding something to get into today :smiley:

p.s. Amiantos, I heard you are a hipster. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll probably be at Sullivan later today, then a 36er ride at the beach. :slight_smile: Speaking of that, it’s time to organize another 36er group ride! Either at Huntington or Redondo, with a ride through Venice!

I can’t keep up with you on my little 24"! I just recently got a 29" for the road - gonna have to step it up a notch sooner than later. :wink: Do you ride a different 36 on the road?

I ride my kh 36er on the road mostly, but sometimes I like riding it on the trails as well. When I do that, I usually remove the touring bar, use the longer crank hole, lower the saddle and reduce psi. I’ve retired the one I rode at Fully loop, and may keep is as a backup/loaner, or sell it. Not sure yet. :slight_smile:

I would love to try to ride it sometime. Maybe one day I would buy it.

I have ridden the 29er on some trails with good result but I still can’t make it down steep hills yet like I can on the 24". The way that you can bomb down a trail with the bigger wheel is an awesome feeling. When my skills are up to the task I think I will have a blast on a 36 muni. :smiley:

When I get a 36er someday I would love to do a group beach ride. We should start a “equip deadbeatpope and amiantos with a 36er” fund…

Yeah there’s even a forum tag for it now…

That is the best post yet! :smiley:

Yeah, so…bake sale maybe. muni-busking? Government muni-research grant.

I will gladly test pharmaceuticals on you and report what happens to you to any company willing to pay us in 36ers…

Hmmmm. Do I have a say in this? :astonished:

Definitely not. Leave it to me. I’ll handle everything and in no time we’ll have 36ers for free, and only at the expense of your well being but it’ll be OK as long as you still have both your legs you can unicycle… probably.

Well, I was looking on UDC to see how much for a kh36. Over $850 without the brake! Looks like this is gonna be the only way. Make sure to negotiate the brakes into the deal.

So I went riding the route I describe here yesterday and it’s great. It’s about 7 miles, and maybe 1 mile of that is uphill hiking that is pretty much unridably steep. There are so many fun lengthy sections to ride that… well, I’m in love. I am so lucky that less than a 5 minute drive away from me I have an entire mountain to play around on, with so many ridable sections.

I’ll be riding it a couple times a week at 4pm if anyone is off work at that time. The total ride time is about 2 hours, and that’s with a couple breaks here and there to take pictures. Here’s pictures I took yesterday…

Tons of fun. The ending descent is great. It’s very steep but totally manageable without breaks if you’ve got good knees, exhausting and gutbusting in the same way a sharp climb is. Loved it.

Hey Amiantos, I’m Joe. I don’t believe we’ve met, have we? I’ve been gone from this forum for a few months and I don’t remember seeing you.

Sorry to barge in on your thread and change the subject a little bit, but I live in Anaheim Hills, not too far from you. I just got my license one week ago so I can finally drive to some of these rides. If you ever want to meet up for another ride, I’d be more than happy to. Let me know if you’ve got any more planned, and I’ll try to be there.

SoCal Rides

Hey CrazyJoe,
Longtime no hear, I’ve ridden with Amiantoes, and others from this forum. You two would get along. But please post here for another ride. I’m still circling the loop.