Anyone up for a ride in Duluth, Minnesota? April 13th - 9am-4pm

Hey folks, i’ll be in Duluth, Minnesota on april 13th. I’m availiable from 9am-4pm.

Anyone wanna hook up and ride trials or something? I’m really rusty from winter, and probably need a bunch of work but it’ll still be fun. I dont really care what level of riding, just someone to ride with.

PM me or post.


OH YEAH: if i dont get a definite answer from anyone, i wont be coming. So, if you think you’ll be there, you gotta be sure of it, cause its either ride trials or street or something, sit at home, or go hang out with my parents at UMD from 9 - 4.

yeah, there might be some bike trials guys there too, if i go.

feel free to pm me


no responses yet.



I’d ride up there but will be out of town … hope that you get a taker!

haha, yeah, thanks.:slight_smile:

buh - ump.

well, no ones said anything yet,


Okay, here it is - No one has responded, i posted in OTN, if i don’t get a response that my parents favor, i’m probably going to end up staying home.

But seriously, just PM me, or post here.

re bump.

hey guys! Its tomorrow.

please respond haha.

If i get a response that its okay with my parents, we need to set up a place to meet and such, and sorta an idea of where we’ll ride (well, the latter part doesnt matter)

OKAY! WOO!:smiley:

I’ll be riding with Jonathon, a Bike Trials rider from the UK, meeting in by the Crabby Bills boat around 1pm (were meeting there, and we’ll probably ride around canal park for a while). I’ll be there until about 4:30 or so.

I might be there a little after 1, but dont worry if you dont see anyone. We’ll be riding trials (duh), so anyone that comes is going to have to ride trials probably haha.

aight, anyway, pm me or something if you wanna come still!