anyone unicycled in southport(UK)

so has anyone?

i went today, and it looks fun for street unicycling along the side of the beach.

I saw a few bikers they looked like they whre having fun.

If its any good tell me please i might go up one day.

chears Dale

Yep, I’ve unicycled there. It was a bizarre week actually. One night we ended up at a transvestite samba class.


yup, theres a little skatepark just off the front which is ok aswell, few things to do on it.

cousin lives near there and he rides, think theres another rider or 2 in or around southport too. i have some pics from when we went, but none uploaded yet

who would come to a street meet in southport??
any one know anyspots i just know the skatepark and allong the promanade

Yes, Southport is a good place for trials. The promenade has some good boulders and concrete obstacles to ride on.

Most seaside places have good riding; if you’re ever in Blackpool or Fleetwood there’s plenty to have a go on too.

ill upload the pics i have sometime when i have free time… we went along the frotn basically, few good bits near the “theme park” and along the sea wall, then into the skatepark, and few random bits along the way and on the piers

found plenty for a days ridin jus by ridin around the front area

ace, i might go up next weekend … maby the weekend after i dunno

ill decide next week. If anyone wants to come PM me and we will sort it all out