anyone uni at UIW in San Antonio texas?

title says all, im going there tomorrow w/ the 24 junker and the BC wheel :slight_smile:

UIW=University of the Incarnate Word

You should post the time frame you’ll be around to increase the odds of hooking up. I’ll be busy Coker’ing about, but I posted this thread to our local mailing list.

umm i should be here most of the day. I don’t know exactly whats going on yet, but im already in my sisters apt. on campus

Wish I could; I’m on the sidelines for a little bit from foot and knee issues. Enjoy your stay – there should be some good places to ride.

I haven’t ridden in ages, but maybe I can meet up with ya’ and get in a little riding time. You can reach me at 210-823-1488

alrighty, i don’t know when i will have time, but if i HAVE AN hour or so i will call you

Sounds good. I’m less than 30 minutes away:)

sorry i didn’t ride w/ you, i thought I would have a few hours to do w/e, but I ended up going all the way to the other side of town and back