Anyone tried unicycling in these? (Underwear)

It seems like this might actually be great for unicycling, as it says they lift it up (and probably out of the way.)

They’re still briefs so you’re going to have the same chafing issues around the leg opening as with regular briefs. I don’t see them being good for extended in the saddle riding. But for being ready for a quick bit of freestyle, trials, or street riding they might be good.

Can they help shape my upper body too?

basically its for people who are insecure about there package.
still nothing beats the old “socks in the jocks” trick :smiley:

Yes, but don’t make the same mistake I did. It got all the ladies looking, but I only found out afterwards the sock is supposed to go down the front!


Why bother with those when bike shorts are cheap and highly effective?

Because bicycle shorts aren’t comfortable to wear all day long just so you can be ready to ride during the lunch hour or other free time.

Not sure about Aussiebriefs, but these work

I bought a pair of cycling boxers from REI and have been using them for about 2 months. They’re $24 US and work well for my style of uni (distance riding). Not as comfortable as regular underwear for wearing all day, but a lot more comfy than bike shorts and like the advertisement says, with these you can comfortably wear any trousers or shorts for unicycling.

Here’s a pic:

Here’s a link to the on-line catalog:

I have a pair like that kinda. I bought them up in Canada because they have the Maple leaf right on the crotch.

They aren’t made for making anything look bigger, but they do have a supportive pouch just to keep everything up and away. I have two more pairs like this with the pouch design.

They are a snug fit, but they work. Chaffs just a little, because the legs of them are shorter than my regular boxers, but I got used to it. =p

They are very good for trials and street.