Anyone tried trial/commuting backwards or using two crank sizes at same time?

It’s an interesting thought that I’ve thoughted for awhile. What…it gets boring here sometimes! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

In terms of going backwards, I mean almost purely all the way as an additional challenge bonus. Not going backwards for a few seconds. Trials, muni riding, commuting. I was thinking awhile back how interesting it would be to commute backwards and be able to see cars, which you normally don’t see because you’re facing the other way, but now you’re able to see people in the cars. However, I would think you could get arrested for it, right?

Install some mirrors to see what’s behind and just ride backwards.

Since the introduction of the dual hole spirit cranks and a lot of debate is constantly posted over which one size to choose over another, I just thought if anyone ever tried using both sizes at once? Like for example the 150/127 crank, the 150 gives more leverage and 127 gives more speed, I wonder how it would feel if each foot is on a different size while unicycling. And then increasing the difference even more like 150 and 110s and so forth. Would one be able to adapt and succeed to gather the benefits of both sizes? Like one foot would seek to be use for speed while another one would be used for those sudden need for the extra push when needed?

Just thought I’d ask some of you that unicycled for a long time if you have…before I fall into craziness and temptation and try it on my own (which is very soon from now).

Just for grins once, when I was with my wife who was walking around Green Lake in Seattle with the dog, I rode the entire lake trail backwards. I think it’s about 3 miles. She warned me when to look backwards so I spent only a small amount of the time actually looking where I was going.

Riding with two different crank sizes sounds interesting. I’ve never done it. If you try, let us know what happens.

What about mounting the cranks on different positions on the hub, so that they are not opposite each other. That would be interesting.

I have seen this done at an annual unicycle performance we have in town. Both pedals pointing the same way. The girl who does it makes the same motion as she does when unicycle with one foot. But she uses both feet instead. Like pedaling with one foot, it probably only works well on a smooth surface. I wouldn’t suggest it for MUni. :slight_smile:

Pretty sure they call this a Kangaroo :smiley: It looks hilarious!

Video here. Would it be a good way to learn one-footed riding?

i went for a quickj spin once with, i believe 125 and 150 cranks on my 29er. It didnt feel too awkward…but i only rode for a few hundred yards.

According to Guinness World Records a man once rode 60 (ish) miles backward without dismounting…