Anyone tried the KH Carbon fibre seatbase?

Just wondering:
-do you keep the original seat cover and padding? There is a lot of glue involved isn’t there?
-Is it easy to take off and re-secure to the new seat base? How do you do that? I presume the staples couldn’t work on CF :stuck_out_tongue:
-Is it lighter than the original seatbase?

The seats are best if you replace the covers with a leather cover. We have some made to fit the CF rather than the Miyata (they are different shape). This said, I am sure that a contact adhesive would stick the origional cover back in to place.
A Cf version of the seat is a lot lighter than the newest verison of the saddle as it does not require any of the steel reinforcing inside. I have not weighed one, but my guess would be about 550grams where the current KH saddle is just over 1kg.


I used thte original foam as it fits the base and makes a pretty good seat- but the leather covers are SO tight! My muni seat is great, but I still haven’t managed to get my 29er’s cover on properly! Be prepared for a struggle to the death with it! An air seat may be the answer…

Thanks Roger. I’ve got the current Miyata Carbon Fibre base- how is the KH CF base different? Is it slimmer and curvier?
What do you use for padding with the leather seatcover? I don’t really like the thought of going back to an airseat.

p/s will you be at UNICON?

It is the same shape as the plastic KH base and the original foam fits the leather cover.

I think the KH has an extra layer of something or other, on the Miyata there seems to be a layer of dark material (the CF?) then white material then dark again. The KH appears to have another dark layer in the middle. It feels stiffer to me than the Miyata CF base. I’m sure someone else knows exactly what the difference is.

Thanks 1WS. I’m not sure I understood it right though…you used the leather seat cover with the orininal padding from the KH seat? Or did you transplant the original KH seat cover also?

Did you need to use a lot of glue like Roger mentioned in order to get it to stick?

edit: Sorry maybe I should read before I post. So it seems you are using the Leather seat cover with the original padding? But do you think it is possible to use the original KH Seat cover instead?

Any idea when this will be coming to the US? And also, why is it so much cheaper for the Miyata on the UK website? It’s almost a $20 USD difference once the currencies are converted. What’s the deal?

I tried fitting the original cover last night and I think it would work if you glued and clamped it. The edges of the CF base seem quite sharp to me and I’m worried it’d wear through the original KH cover over time. I have duct tape around the edge of mine to try to minimize the possibilty of this with the leather cover and the duct tape happens to be where I’d have to apply the glue!

I can get the front and back of the leather cover on over the foam and base, but the sides will just not stay put.

I didn’t use any glue on my muni seat, which has the same set up, but holds on just fine! It’s stretching over the base that is the problem.

Hope you can pick something even vaguely useful out of this nonsense! :slight_smile:

Thanks again. What is your MUNi seat set-up? I take it you’ve got another KH CF seat?

I need to get me one for UNICON.

It is different from the plastic in that it has deaper sides in the centre section to give it additional strength.

The white is glass, it give toughness.

There is also an additional glass and carbon over the centre area to give additional strength.


about the kh cf seat… does it hurt less/is it easier to hop seat-in-front with?

It does not affect comfort or basic tricks like hopping seat out. It will offer improvements in rigidity and durability. It may offer some general improvements riding due to weight savings.


A guy from germany broke his KH-carbon-fibre seat base. But maybe they made it stronger or better, so that it does not brake anymore. The CF seatbase for miyata is strong as well, so they will be able to produce a strong base for the KH too…


Moritz Hahn

Ruhrpott Unitrials

It was Paul Mattheß who very kindly tested the prototype for us. The version he broke was pre-reinforcing. We have not had any problems since.


Does Bedford Unicycles carry these bases, and how much are they?