Anyone tried the Death Ride?

We have a bike race here called the death ride:

I was wondering if anyone is crazy enough to do this on a Unicycle… (Not even sure they would let you…)


They sure got the name right. If you weren’t already you’d definitely feel like dieing after 129 miles and 15,000+ of virtical :astonished:

The Death Ride is an overhyped event designed for people who don’t really like bike riding, so they can get tshirts with skeletons on them to show how studly they are.

It’s also really expensive. $90 entry for a one-day ride? Tahoe is $50 and a better ride anyway.

The entire 129 miles, I think is completely infeasible for current unicycle technology within the time constraints.

$90 doesn’t seem too bad for a well supported 129 mile race.

The Mt. Washington uphill in NH is $300, and this year it sold out all 600 spots in 2 hrs. I’d love to take a shot at that one, but 3 bills seems kinda steeper than the mountain itself.

It does seem unlikely that anyone could manage it on a uni. Even if you started at 5AM and went until 8PM, you’d have to maintain over 8mph and with that much climbing it would kill even Gizmoduck or AspenMike.

Is that a challenge? :smiley:

If it’s a road ride I don’t see why you couldn’t do it do it on a unicycle in 15hrs. Given that it’s a very hilly ride, unicycles should actually do quite well.

But what about the downhills? I’d think that would kill your advantage over the out of shape cyclists. Or are the steep assents enough?