Anyone tried Sweetskinz tyres?


Just wondered if anyone had tried Sweetskinz tyres on their uni. For those who haven’t seen them before, the company makes various sizes / types of tyres with not only coloured compounds, but actual patterning (e.g. flame, snakeskin, camouflage…) and reflective properties for night time (nb it doesn’t look like they have stock of all of them yet - many size / colour combinations seem to be on preorer at the moment).

They look way cool. I’m tempted to get a tyre, possibly for my BC or my learner uni. Yes, I know getting a tyre because of its looks is a bit silly. But they look so good that I think it might outweigh the silliness!

never heard of them.

Looks awsome but I want to see a real picture of the actual tire before I buy.

Looks very cool! Yes, if they expect customers to buy off their web site, they need some photos on there.

I shall buy one, maybe once I see a real tire, but I think the snakeskin looks the best.

Everyone should email them, I will.

You can find some pictures if you google a little bit:


i wonder if your wear the tread down a bit it turns back to a normal black tire

I sent them e-mail - I think it’s a good idea to do so, since their website could use some improvement (would be nice if it wasn’t all Flash animations too).

Whilst I’m talking about their website - don’t forget to click the “moon” button to see the reflective pattern that’d be visible at nice. All the tyres have a nighttime pattern too, by the look of it. Nice!

I’ve found reviews of some of their tyres - but most of them seem to be old designs that are not the ones featured on the websites.

Personally I think the flame / hazard warning designs are the coolest :slight_smile:

Eww, they look a lot better on the website, those look spray painted or something.

I think they look strange because they were photographed in the dark: it looks like the flash has gone off because all the reflective parts are shining. Presumably (hopefully) they’d look a bit less weird in real life! The normal-light pictures I found by Googling certainly looked less weird, although they were different patterns to the ones on the Sweetskinz website.

coolest thing ever

lets all email them and tell them to make a mod tire!

wow the real ones look hidious! but maybe they look better in the light.

Yeah it looks like the light is just reflecting and making it look like that. or, maybe that’s why they don’t have real pics on their site?

sent them an email in march. Excerpts of the response:

Unfortunately, we do not have any distributors set up internationally
quite yet, so the cost of shipping would be very expensive. We’re
hoping by September that we should have a handful set up.

I will definitely hold on to your information, and will be in contact
with you immediately if I find out any further information.

Also, I know our website can be confusing, it’s just temporary as we are
in the process of coming out with a brand new site.

those tyres are so so cool! im gonna get some when they ship international.

when you click on “buy now” it takes you to another menu where you can see the tread patterns and closer pics…

Yeah, the pictures under “Buy Now” are pretty good, and makes it clear that they have a decent range of sizes (20", 26", 700c) and treads. It looked like a lot of the tyres were on preorder when I checked yesterday though, so I’m assuming that they’re still in manufacturing.

You can order them internationally from

The photo in this thread is showing the reflective qualities in the dark.
In daylight they look more like the ones on the site.