Anyone tried a Duro “Beach Bum” (26x3.0/70-559) tyre on a 26" Nimbus Muni

Yeah the brick-style pattern is fairly common on tires of several brands, e.g. the Felt “Thick Brick”, which I see from the images on the Classic Cycles pages, someone has already tried on a unicycle. :slight_smile:

Hey you only live once. And 29€ is not crazy at the end of the day, especially if it turns out to be a good tire! Let us know!

Ok, the “Super Brick” arrived. Now that it is here and I can inspect the info on the side, I see that it is an Innova “City Tire” (Code: IA-2236). Interestingly the Innova website says the 26X3.0 is a 74-559 tyre, while the tyre itself states 76-559. No matter, what is 2mm in any case? :slight_smile:

The other pleasant surprise, mentioned on the Innova website (and the tyre itself) is that it is rated for 40-65 PSI. This is good because I found that with the Beach Bum it handled better the harder it was but the Beach Bum only supports 36PSI. For the commute in today I pumped the Innova to 50PSI.

So far I definitely prefer it to the Beach Bum. It is lighter (150g lighter according to info on the Classic Cycle website) and rolls more easily (probably due to higher pressure). It is also easier to control (again could be higher pressure or just the even more minimal tread). I do feel it pulls a little to one side but I actually find that with several tyres so I am beginning to suspect that issue is more about me. I might try flipping the tyre and seeing if that makes a difference, since it is not a directional tyre.

For those curious about the size, it looks very similar in size as the Duro Wildlife (as expected), albeit with very minimal tread (and a 580g drop in weight). Here is my 26" next to UniMyra’s spare 29" (29X2.1/54-622) to give you a rough idea of size and scale:

I’ll run it for a few more days and give a little more feedback again, once I have used it a bit more.

Oh and you can also buy the Super Brick / City Tire as a whitewall version, if someone wants that.

Hmm… It occurred to me that since the Classic Cycles website lets people upload pictures of their bikes, I should get some more unicycle pictures on there, so that we are properly represented. So I put up pictures for both the Beach Bum and Super Brick. In fact they are currently the only community submitted pictures for both products.

So yeah… it is good. I like it. More than the Beach Bum and for anyone interested they have it as a whitewall version as well. In summary it is a nice option for anyone wanting a plus sized road tyre.

Interestingly I rode my old Pashley 28" yesterday for the first time in a long time (I wanted to try it with 90mm cranks) and I realised that the tyre (it’s original) has a similar “brick” style pattern as well. Now granted it is a very different tyre to the Innova “City Tire” (Code: IA-2236) because it is so much smaller, but like the Innova it rides very well, and far better than the Schwalbe Delta Cruiser that I once tried swapping it for.

So—note to self—keep an eye out for tyres with a brick pattern when next shopping for road tyres on a unicycle, since I have had good experiences with them thus far. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. 90mm cranks work pretty well on this wheel size (for road riding at least). Though I have not spent enough time to be certain that I prefer them to 100mm.