anyone torturing a UDC hub

im curious if anyone is Muni’ing on a UDC hub and how it is holding up.

is there anyone really pounding away on one that has a review, positive or negative?

if you are, please list what crank lenth you are pounding on.

It was the hub of my first uni.

Tortured it quite a bit with drops a bit over 6 feet. I had 152mm cranks (they got bent) but i sthink the hub is still pretty sthright.

Ben and Co have had one on the 24h endurance 29er for over a year now with two races; haven’t heard anything negative.

I had one on my first uni, which I did trials on. I weigh 13stone, it had 125mm cranks on and I jumped about 4-5ft on it regularly. I bent 2 sets of cranks on it, but the hub stayed perfectly straight.

Great, cheap hub!

There’s a guy fae dumfries (unigamer) has a nimbus muni with a udc hub on it, seemed to be fine for him when i last saw him.

Perhaps unigamer can come on and tell us himself.

To re-iterate: Great hub.


I’ve had no problems on my 29er with 170, 152 or 127’s, and the extrawide version on my coker with 170s& 150s. offroad, very rarely onroad with both, & very happy with both too.
There’s probably no better non-splined hub…

Re: anyone torturing a UDC hub

I’ve been riding Muni on a UDC Wide hub for almost two years now (170mm cranks) and it does the job. It gets the occasional urban trials ride, and plenty of 2 - 3 foot drops with rollout (offroad, mostly) and no bendage or breakage.

It survived CMW 2004 (all double-diamonds at Northstar, woo!) but the next week… I think I didn’t roll out the landing very well, and I snapped the axle at the bearing (crank side). I replaced it with another UDC Wide hub since it’s been good to me.



linked so I don’t kill jagur’s 56k connection :slight_smile:

I hope that’s not true. I just spent 10X more for a widend suzue hub. :astonished: :thinking: :o

I had one on my Nimbus from, and aside from one crank coming loose a few months after I bought it, I never had a problem. I didn’t do any insane drops or anything, since I knew it was out of my range (I weigh around 180lbs) though it did take a couple 1.5 ft drops w/o roll out.
Alas, about 2 months ago the axle snapped on a 6" 180 degree hop… So I’m upgrading to a KH/Onza 2005 hub (as soon as it gets back from the bike shop)…

I have the 100mm wide hub on a UDC Airfoil 36" wheelset. I have only done 18" drops with it and ridden down a six set a few times as well as hop up it. Most of that is with high riding pressure (50 psig) which makes the hits harder but not much. I’m 190# but haven’t given the hub the kind of real abuse you’re looking for.

thanx everyone who posted here about the UDC hub. the advice was good on all fronts.

sounds like its very strong, stronger than most square tapered hubs but does give up the ghost somtimes.

the reason i asked?

well i have a set of Kooka 170’s without a home and was curious how much the UDC hub could take if i decided to sell my Muniac hub/wheel and ride the kooka’s on a udc hub.

With more stunts being built in Falls City the temptation to do more drops will be hard to resist. Trails like those in Falls City are why the Muniac hub and splined hubs were made.

yeah but when you only ride up there once a month and get 8 bucks an hour at work you start to look for alternatives to fund other projects that are for daily use.

Yeah, the 80% rule says put 80% of your resources into things you do 80% of the time. Or something like that.

When I was really practicing lots of Freestyle, there was a period where I was going through a Suzue hub every six months or so. Just from hopping and similar tricks on flat ground. The Suzues may have improved since then. At the time, I switched to a Sem axle (I believe they have changed since then as well). I’m pretty sure my original Sem axle is still on there. The early Semcycle Deluxe axles were as good as it got for unicycle axles at the time.

Due to the nature of its design, a square-taper axle is probably going to die eventually if you do lots of Trials or other forms of hopping on it. Also cranking it with 170s will probably stress it pretty hard just from rolling rough terrain and steep hills.

All other things being equal, how long it lasts is mostly a matter of riding technique. Some of us are pounders, while others ride pretty smooth. All that said, a square taper axle is so much cheaper than a splined setup, if you don’t mind doing rebuilds, you can go through several square taper axles before equalling the cost of a single splined setup.

Alan Chambers (who used to post here as Arnold the Aardvark) snapped the taper off a UDC CrMo hub a few weeks ago. He was freemounting his coker at the time. It hadn’t been used for anything rougher than road riding - although Alan’s no lightweight.

Looking at the break, you can see a rust spot going right through to the thread - presumably cracked for some time.

The scary thing is that he’d been riding along a busy dual-carriageway minutes earlier.


I use one on my 26" and its been great i weigh a good amount (almost 300) and its help out i dont deall out that much but its doing great. I have seen one bent. A large friend of mine did a uni spin on oneand i guess he slammed his foot down and one of the sides twisted, the hub was ruined but this was the only instance.

Would that be put 80% of your resources into things you do, but only do it 80% of the time, or put 80% of your resources into things you do 80% of the time you do things?

The latter.

thanx again everyone.

looks like more sudden death accounts are being posted. i dont mind rebuilds but since the failure reads “unpredictable” i’ll not be trashing on one. even though i want to.

Yeah, mine snapped on a 6inch hop, and a few minutes earlier I’d been hopping up and down curby type things :slight_smile: