Anyone Seen These? LED Tyres!

Pretty cool eh? They’re permanently built into the tyre itself and powered by the motion of the wheel going round. Unfortunately they’re not actually available just yet though :frowning:

(I’m in no way affiliated with the site, I just thought they looked like an awesome idea)


sick. i wonder if that will count as a reflector

Haha you’d be “pimp-daddy” if you got one of those on a nightrider. Haha that’s awesome

Thats heaps PIMP!!! I want one (in red) :smiley:

You’d need to check the relevant legislation in your country, but I very much doubt it. They should at least be legal in the UK (as lights), under the 2005 amendments to the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations, although they wouldn’t fulfil the mandatory lighting requirements.

They look cool, but its not worth it if the tyre doesn’t ride well, I wonder what the tyres like.

Looks cool. I agree that it is not a proper lighting but anyway it makes you more visible same way as reflexive strip on BA tire.

There are valve caps that shine quite the same way while riding. I’m not sure if you know them. I just ordered green ones yesterday. :smiley:

Oh and here in germany you will get problems riding them on the street. They simply are not allowed - though I don’t get why. Maybe they are just way to cool and will make everyone like “Wow, what the hell is that?!” … while driving into another car … :roll_eyes:

I had a 3 wheel unicycle like this

with 34x a round 5mm LED per rim.

traffic light 3 wheeler

Hey Leo - how did you make your 3-wheel look like that? Looks like the spokes and rim light up!

dude, it says right in his post: “with 34x a round 5mm LED per rim.”

Wow, that looks great! :astonished:

Are you riding it in a show or something?

The picture distracted me!

The spokes also had a plastic decoration cover, that was slightly transparent. But I think having ‘chrome’ spokes would make it shine better.
The rims were just alloy, not anodized, and not really shinny (but still the metal reflected the light).
Per wheel I had 2 AA batteries near the hub, with an easy switch on it.
Now the hard thing was …riding a 7ft unicycle in the dark (is not always fun).
Further you can’t ride this in the rain, or on wet surfaces.
At one point I sold it off, but can’t remember to who.
Anyway; it’s not hard to make this yourself. Just have the right drill piece, and a suitable rim, and solder all the +'s en -'s correct. But next time I would use the heat-shrinking-tubing (in stead of tape) to prevent short circuit with the rim.

I def want to get one for every wheel I have, that’s so awesome and hope it counts as at least a reflector! Great backup for when the english weather makes it dark early!

From their website, it looks like the CYGLO Night Bright Tyres are just another design concept. It doesn’t look like they have even hacked together a prototype. Just patented an idea. They likely don’t have any design for actually manufacturing them. I think the flopped bike pics are funny though.

Now, with all these drilled double wall rims that are currently popular, you could easily mount some LEDs in the holes… You’d get a similar effect that would last through many tire changes…

Leo: nice work in the spoke lights.

You could use that as “Trade” for goods at the upcoming BurningMan festival…'be a big hit. I’ll even mount em…he he…he he… mount

sorry…momentary lapse of reason

Yes, I doubt if these ever will be produced in real.

But let’s put another light on this case.
Something that is produced already are hokeyspokes (also seen on

welcome calvin, first i would suggest that you make your location more specific so you can find out where other riders live and stuff. what level of unicyclist are you?