Anyone seen a coker on a TV commercial?

A friend at work told me he saw a commercial on TV that showed a brief segment of a unicyclist, possibly on a coker, riding in New York City.

Any idea of what commercial, who the rider is and what he is riding?


Must have been hardcorecokerrider:)

That’s what I was thinking, but wanted to see if anyone knew anything about it. Are you out there hardcorecoker? Was it you?

yea i didnt see the show thing but i have seen people in movies like Van Hellens
its breef but look closely and you can see him riding a giffra

Being that I’m blasting through the streets of NYC on my Coker (and giraffe) all the time (it’s basically my exclusive form of urban transportation)… AND there are constantly film crews all over the City which I often ride past… I guess it is conceivble that I was in a commercial, though unlikely… because I would assume they would have to get my permission, in order to air me. Then again, since I’m out on public streets, perhaps they wouldn’t need my permission.

I usually have my picture and/or video taken about 3 - 6 times minimum when I’m out on my wheel for any significant amount of time in NYC (mostly from tourists though, I assume).

I was on TV with my Coker (extremely briefly) about a week ago on a show called “The View.” I was stopped on Prince Street (while riding in my neighborhood) and asked if I’d answer some questions regarding what I though about Prince Charles marrying Camilla Parker Bowles… but they cut out the part showing me riding and all you could see was me holding the Coker in front of me (just barely) for just a brief moment… so I doubt that was what your friend was referring to. Other than that, I’m not aware of my being on TV at all.

So I wonder what commercial he saw with a coker…or if it was a coker. He may not be correct in his terminology since he’s not a unicyclist.

Not exactly a Coker (or even on the telly for that matter), but Lloyds TSB bank have a bloke on a unicycle on a poster in most of their branches. People round here thought it was me (he looks nothing like me, but of course I’m the only person in the world with a unicycle :roll_eyes: )

I had a quick look for the picture on the web, but it doesn’t seem to be used on their website.