anyone see "The Wheel of Justice" ?

i heard it was shown at the MUni weekend

just curious what you guys thought

expect a DVD release sometime this year…

(better late than never)

Yes we saw it at the Calif Muni Weekend. It was projected outdoors on a large but not quite flat screen. I loved it - great stuff. I liked the old (but new to us) footage such as George competing in Crested Butte in '93. The UW footage was awesome too (and of course you showed up your dad like all good sons do!)

Looking forward to the DVD!



I have told many people how impressed I was with “The wheel of justice”. I have long known that George Peck was a pioneer of muni, but I hate to say I had never seen any footage of him and it was quite an eye opener to see what he did. I always have a lot of respect for the people who do things first, before they know if they are possible. It is a lot easier to learn to do something when you have already seen someone else do it, but the pioneers dream things up and do them.
I liked the suggestion to do exercises on the uni to build strength and balance. I have made it my mission to “be more like George Peck”.
Your offroad ultimate wheeling was very impressive also, Kristopher.
I will be buying the DVD when it comes out for sure.
We owe your Dad a lot!


hey thanks

i’m glad you guys enjoyed it.

ive been working on it for the last couple years (whenever im home) going through 15 years worth of old footage…trying to pick out the most interesting stuff. there’s at least 30 minutes of DVD extras too…RTU outtakes, TV news segments, and other misc. riding.

hope you didn’t mind that the first section was old RTU footage. The reason i included it was:

a. its much better audio/visual quality than the original VHS release.
b. i didnt think this would be a definitive george peck video without it.
c. just in case you havent seen RTU

yea, the ultimate wheel is certainly an aquired taste. I wonder if it will ever catch on.


Glad to see this is still coming together. We were actually talking about this at the South East Muni weekend two weeks ago. We thought you dropped off the planet. Look forward to buying my copy.

Kristopher, I thought the film was great, and would second all the comments below. Like Scott, I especially liked the “conditioning” part of it, and I need to seriously get on some of that. Riding isn’t enough…

Not sure if you’re still planning any edits prior to DVD release, but I’ll tell you the one thing I think could improve the film, and that is a bit more historical context. The trials competition kind of gets at it, but that’s really the only segment. Your dad was one of only a couple or few independent pioneers of what is becoming a large and advanced sport. I think it would be cool to highlight that a bit more…the role that RTU played, and how things picked up from there, led to equipment evolution, more riding advances, etc. I think there are ways to frame this that would come off as educational vs. self-promoting.

Just a thought. I think like me, most everyone at CA Muni Weekend thought it was great. But in know a couple folks I talked with also thought it could provide some more history and be even better.



PS: That offroad UW you guys were doing is just nuts, and I’m guessing that the Pecks are (again and still) defining the state of the art on that.

Tom, thanks for your input. i passed your comment onto George.

keep in mind, on the DVD (the only format it will be released), there are two pretty indepth news segments which provide lots of information including his unicycle specs. i thought about splicing some of that into the video, but decided to just leave them seperate in their entirety. so i suppose the overall DVD package is a bit more comprehensive, whereas the movie just showcases the riding.

since the first video (RTU) was non-stop talking, i wanted to make this one more “action-packed” and keep talking to a minimum. (heck, not even the title was explained)

giveng the dates, and then showing what he was doing during that time period is probably the most important thing anyway.

but, very good suggestion, ill see what dad wants to do.

my biggest concern is the horrible section of family interviews before the final part.we couldnt think of any other way to introduce us and george was adiment about having a family part so…oh well, i always turn it off right after his ultimate wheel part anyway. kids are stupid.


I was floored at the MUni weekend viewing. To see someone’s dad ripping it up on an old Schwinn, before anyone had ever though to rip on a uni, brought me a new level of inspiration. George Peck has set the bar for RT/MUni riders; his dedication to the sport is amazing. The section of indoor riding and exercises is especially motivational… I didn’t mind the talking!

Overall the material we saw was great and I’d love to have it on DVD! I agree that the video should showcase your dad’s riding, but I appreciate that you’re including historical segments separately.

How about a “George Peck workout” independent segment as well? Heck, I’d buy it on a separate DVD – “rock hard abs with only 30 hops a day”!