Anyone riding Wellgo platforms?

My local bike shop has Wellgo platform pedals for 20 bucks… they look pretty good, 8 pins per side, but I’m wary at $20. Anyone using them?

I used to use them and have seen quite a few folk using them.

I just changed for looks rather than pedal performance, its a good pedal.

My bike has run a set of them for years, completely hassle free.

I used them when I was learning so they took plenty of falls and knocks and held up just fine.

I bent the axles a wee bit after doing big drops, but I’m not light so that’s to be expected - any pedal axle will bend eventually. (unless they’re titanium or summat)


I use them on Blue Shift and on my Coker. The Blue Shift pedals have seen the most abuse because I’ve loaned it to so many people and they take high speed spills on pavement which batters the pedals. I have not used the Wellgo platforms shown for MUni or trials. I have used the Wellgo B-27 model for MUni with poor results. The ones you show I think are B-35 or B-37. The platforms on my Coker have survived three tire carcasses and four years of service.

I’ve got a pair of Magnesium ones just like those shown in the pic (which are probably NOT Mag.). Super light and comfortable. But there’s not enough surface area on the platform to support my feet during drops and I kept bruising my dogs, so I switched to Shinburgers and never looked back.

For Cokering, the wellgos surely would rock!


I used to have 'em, and I bent 'em both on a six foot drop…My friend still has 'em both, but never goes off anything higher than about four feet, and they’re in relatively good condition. So in conclusion…They’re not too bad.

Thanks for the input… I was looking to use them for trials, but I think I’ll put them on my muni; the stock pedals suck. I love my Snafu Concaves, so those will stick with the trials… my muni gets much less (ab)use.


I’ve had ones like those on my muni and coker. Their fine. Eventully the pins wear and they are less gripy but a decent budget pedal.

yeah I’ve tryed them, but they are worthless. You sould try Snafu they are great!

What did you try them on, and for what application (trials, muni, distance, etc.)? What didn’t you like about them (breakage, no grip, etc.)?

I agree.