anyone riding a creative gecko's MUni?

Does anyone who subscribes to this forum ride a Creative Gecko’s MUni?

Bronson Silva rides a “coker” made by Creative Geckos, but, I have never heard of anyone riding one of their other models.

Curious as to reviews for hard riding and comments about the strength of the hub.

An answer to my question no longer matters. The following is FYI.

Here is an email from Ed Mosiman, the creator of Creative Geckos.

“Hi Rod,
I am out of the unicycle business for now. All frames and MUnis that I built were custom to the riders, so your questions don’t have fixed answers. I leave the web page up so people can explore different ideas. Best of luck, and good riding to you, Ed

I had been inquiring about prices for his rigid frames.

it would’ve been a cold day in hell before i could afford one of his machines (if bronson’s coker was any indication), but this is still bad news?
is anybody else working in his, now vacated, quadrant of left-field?

for the price of Bronson’s Coker,i would have gone into retirement too. :smiley:

Any known pics or links to the aforementioned Coker? I’ve seen pics of Ed’s other creations, but don’t think I’ve seen a 36.

check it out


And definitely left-field, as you noted. Wow.