anyone ride street with a 24" wheel?

Just curious. In the videos I’ve seen it looks like everyone is riding a 20". I have a 24" with 150 mm cranks and a 3" wide tire that I ride, and would like to learn crankflips and uni spins. I know it would be a bit tougher, but I really like the speed of the 24".

Anyone know of vids with people riding street on a 24"?


Justin Kohse does, heres a vid of him:

Justin Kohse does, heres a vid of him:

I’ve been doing some streetish stuff lately on my muni, like grinding and unispins. It’s fine, but I have never really used anything else, so I don’t know what i’m missing. I’d say try to learn those skills on the 24 and if you can’t, oh well.

I ride a 24" Torker LX in the street

I do a little street on my 24. Handrails is about the extent of my street skills. I mostly do Natural trials on my 24. The gazz has great grip for that kinda stuff. If i did strictly street, i might consider a smoother tire.

Heres a little vid from back in the day: Video -> Erik Doane - RIDE WHAT?
Ive still got my 20 mixed in in that vid. Ive subsequently given that guy away. Now i only use my 24. :slight_smile:

Hey Erik, do you have more than one of those jerseys? I have never seen you without it.

haha, he has like 7:)

hah, yea, they gave me a ton of 'em. I really should mix it up so people dont think im wearing the same shirt all the time but i just have so many! :slight_smile:

Spencer, im not sure if i remembered to post in your thread: the bc stuff is amazing! Ups, grinds, 360’s oh my!