Anyone ride in Manchester UK?

Hey everybody!

My Girlfriend, my mate and I will be in Manchester from this friday (10th November) to Sunday (12th November). I will hopefully be bringing my uni along.

So, Does anyone live nearby that would like to go trials riding? I don’t know Manchester at all, but we are staying at Potato Wharf.

I will be free Most of saturday and maybe sunday morning, if anyone is up for it!

Rock on!


i live very near manchaster

id love to meet up with you

PM me or somthing man

Myself and Pete could probably come down.

Excellent! I will probably be riding late Saturday morning through to the afternoon. If any of you guys would like to join me, just let me know and we can arrange somewhere to meet.

Rock on!

manchester ride

Hey i m in manchester s well i study there, i v only been unicycling since the start of the year but i v looking for people who trial in manchester. if u want to contact me for a ride my phone is 07 73 828 1396.:stuck_out_tongue:
Any way i m massively up for a ride on saturday i know a few cool spots

I’m working from 6 on Saturday though I might be able to get it changed to 7 if I put on my wangle hat.

Guess I ought to think about fixing my trials uni…

Yeah Kit, Get that trials uni fixed! Ive never ridden trials with you and would like to!

Anyone know of a good place we could meet up? How about times? What time is good for everyone?

Rock on!

I’m afraid I don’t do trials.

Have fun anyway.


Morning’s good for me. Somewhere central like Piccadilly would be good and we can wander to wherever from there.

Sounds good, im dropping my girlfriend off in the morning at the Jarvis Piccadilly hotel, not sure what time yet though. Thats at Portland street, which is near Piccadilly unless im mistaken.

Rock on!

Yeah it’s right nearby.

What sort of time shall we say then? 10? 11?

My girlfriends thing starts about half 9, so if we aim to meet at about 10.00 - 10:15ish.

Anyone else able to come to this?

Rock on!

I’d love too if i hadn’t arranged to go Mountain Biking all day Saturday in Wales! Have fun guys…

i might be able to come, its not to far for me.

where you meeting?


shouldnt be to hard to get to


bit early ill set my alarm clock

hope to see you all there, well the whole 2 of you.

If i can get out of doing a day of coursework i will see you all there.


Yeah, Great!
Should be fun! So, meeting at Piccadilly ish (Its not hard to spot a unicyclist) at around 10!

See you all there!

Rock on!

may pop down to watch/meet. cant really ride at the moment due to some knee ligament damage

yea 10 will be harsh on a saturday morning :frowning: anyway i ll be there but where exactly do u want to meet at picc?

mh ok missed the last 2 messages… forget that :smiley: see ya there

Edd, could you PM me your mobile number in case we’re going to be late?

Cheers bud.