Anyone ride in Hawaii?

My wife and I are taking a trip to Hawaii, and are looking for someone to ride with. Anyone?

Re: Anyone ride in Hawaii?

If you take me, I’ll be more than happy to ride with you. :slight_smile:

Up until four months ago I would have been a rider in Hawaii. Don’t think I can help you now, though. When are you planning your trip and where are you planning on staying? I know a few riders still on the island and I can ask if they want to meet up with you. Also, If you’re interested, I can hook you up with some ultimate frisbee games. Shoot me an email at
fingerpies (at) gmail (dott) com or PM for more info. I don’t read the forum as much these days.

I am pretty sure there is a person on ths forum who is from hawaii I remember them posting something. Actually i think they posted in the moab muni fest thread

I will be there in August. When will you be there?

Re: Anyone ride in Hawaii?

Scott & I are going to be in Honolulu Memorial Day week. He’ll be
working 3 1/2 days of the eight days we’ll be there. We’ve wondered about
taking unicycles (probably 24") to ride. I’m not a good enough rider to
enjoy a bike lane by heavy traffic, so I would need bike paths. It’s been
hard to tell just how much bike paths they have, so it’s hard to decide.
Any input from anyone is welcome. If anyone would like to muni
with Scott he would probably figure out a way to pack his muni…


At 08:13 AM 3/30/05 -0600, steve0we wrote:

>My wife and I are taking a trip to Hawaii, and are looking for someone
>to ride with. Anyone?
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there’s a guy on the list for going to moab who’s from hawaii.

yeah I said that earlyer

I frequently go to hawaii to visit my family…but I go to Maui, and I won’t be there then :frowning:


I didnt think that I would get this much response! I am impressed. I will be in Hawaii on or about the 15th of june. One of the things that I want to do is the climb the longest hill in the world. sea level to 13,000 feet. That will take some time, but my wife said go ahead, she would carry the water on her bike. Other than that, I am totally game for any ride. I have to run / customers just came in, but I will be back soon!

Did you make it up the hill?