Anyone ride a 29er muni with long cranks?

I normally ride a 26er with 165 Momen, Gazz 2.6. I also have a 24 muni with 150 Moments, Kenda Klaw 2.6.

I just got a KH 29, running 125/150 Moments, Nevegal. I like the way the uni rides on gravel, but I don’t feel like I have the same degree of power and control when climbing harder hills. I plan to use the 29er for cross country and light muni.

What do you all think of 165’s on a 29er?

I used to sometimes ride muni on a 29er with " long" cranks. BUT my long cranks were 150s , my road cranks were 125s and my racing cranks were 110s. Try longer cranks out, they might suit you and won;t be stupidly pricey should you decide not to use them lots.

I have the 165/137 cranks (the ones I bought from you, Ben!), and I’ve put them on my KH29. But I took them off again pretty quickly. The 165s are too long, I think. Even though they allow a little more torque, they mess up my cadence–make things hurky-jerky instead of spinning nice circles.

The 137 hole, on the other hand, is pretty sweet–a little extra torque than the 125 hole, and a little more speed than the 150. If I had slightly more leg speed (or significantly less belly!) I’d keep the 137s for most of the cross country riding I do. But for now, I’m keeping to the 150s most of the time.

I’d just get used to riding the 150s. It took me a long time to adapt to the 29er with 150s when I was used to my KH24/Gazz/165s, but I now like it a lot.

The longest cranks i’ve ridden with are 150’s. Don’t think i’d want to go any longer as I find it hard to spin smoothly like pkittle. My current favourites are 140mm schlumpf cranks for general XC riding. Would like to try some with a bit less Q though.

This thread needs more input.

175s, nothing shorter (tried 150s and hated it). Rode slickrock in its entirety at 29x175 earlier this year and it was excellent.

Ride the 125’s for a while, then switch back to the 150’s and they’ll feel huge! I just did that tonight, felt great (especially geared up). I can’t imagine something larger than 150’s being useful.

I ride MUni on a 29er w/ 190mm Profile cranks and I love it. I have long legs and I relatively heavy (210lbs, or 94kg, or 15 stone depending on how you are calibrated) so this set-up gives me the leverage I’m looking for.

152’s on my 29er

I ride 152’s on my 29er, but doing mostly urban rides in Boston and light XC with it. Every MM of length will increase power, but also increases knee throw as someone mentioned above. This knee throw can keep your wheel from tracking straight lines, but also has a benefit of stopping power too. My 29er came with 125’s stock from UDC and almost immediately took them off, due to lack of stopping power, and uphill leverage. 29er’s rock for full speed curb drops, small stair sets and the head turning factor!

Well I’ve been riding the 150’s for the past few weeks. Things are okay, still hard to climb and descend, though I feel like there are some advantages such as being able to get in the sweet spot quicker, better cadence of course, and a little less bobbling. A 29er is pretty durn tall for muni, but I’ve seen it done so I know it’ll come with time. It certainly does swoop through the twisty single track, I only wish we weren’t so rooty out there. What I’d relaly lke to ride is some decompsed granite sand like in Tahoe or Colorado :slight_smile:

I have what I think are 160s on my 29er for MUni. Only problem is I don’t think I’ve had it out of the garage all year. If I have a “strong” MUni for the technical trails I prefer riding that (and those trails) than the 29" on some easier trails. What I’ve actually done a lot of this year is Cokering on the trails. With 150s.

What needs to be kept in mind here is terrain. Crank size cannot be discussed without keeping terrain in mind. Long cranks would be essential, or at least very desirable in a technical or steep setting, like the Moab slickrock. But they’d be overkill on more gentle trails. The Coker with 150s goes great on the smoother, less-steep trails (along with Jess Riegel on his 125s and no brakes), but it would suck on really technical trails, with too much walking and not enough enjoyment of riding the hard stuff.

The next step in my trail-riding evolution will perhaps be a KH/Schlumpf 29". I’ll be able to go as fast as I care to on the road, and mix a wide variety of trails with my choice of gears!

Although I don’t have a “true” 29er I used to ride my 26x3 Gazz combo (basically a 28er) with 165mm cranks when my KH24 with 150mm cranks was temporarily out of commission. To me the KH24 with 150mm cranks, for all intents and purposes, “felt” just like riding the 28er with 165mm cranks. Granted there were subtle differences i.e. with terrain in mind the 28er rode over stuff much easier than the KH24 however the 28er felt “bigger” (well it is isn’t it?) and heavier and didn’t quite have as much “pop” as the KH24… Still, time wise, I covered the same technical/moderate muni trail routes in about the same time with either… I think my ultimate muni machine will be either throwing that KH/Schlumpf hub in my KH24 or retooling my 28er with the KH/Schlumpf hub? At least for me, terrain wise, it makes sense to have the KH24 but with the option to go faster on the easier stuff…