Anyone ridden their MUni or Coker @ Diablo Feeride Park???

I just found this place…

                               ...and it looks AWESOME!!! 

Has anyone ever ridden their Muni or Coker at this place before? I went skiing at the same mountain many years ago when I was a young kid (and it was known as Vernon Valley/Great Gorge)… way before they had any MTB stuff going on there.

What about other freeride parks… how many of you have ridden at them? Which ones? What kind of trails do you ride… narrow, technical trails (I’ve heard the term singletrack used to describe these types of trails, I think) or wider ski slope type trails (I’ve heard the terms downhill, slopestyle, mountain cross, and Super D used to describe downhill trails/races, but I don’t know the distinction… any help from MTBers would be great).

I’d love to hear from anyone who has ridden at these kind of places… especially if you’ve ridden your Coker there!

Diablo opens May 14th and it is real easy for me to travel to… so let me know who wants to meet me there and what dates you can make it!

diablo1.bmp (127 KB)

that place looks amazeing i want to go so bad now but all i have to ride is my little 20in onza :angry:

Here’s a few more pics…

diablo2.bmp (125 KB)

They had a whole other series of cool photos up on the site last night, but unfortunately they don’t seem to be there today. Hopefully they’ll be up again soon… but it won’t matter cause I’ll be there to check it out in person!

diablo3.bmp (126 KB)

Here’s one more pic…


i think we need to plan a trip

I have never ridden a big bike part on my uni (i’ve ridden my NS stuff) But i go to them all the time for my bike. i mentioned this place to you before, but i guess you missed it.

I have ridden Wintergreen, Snowshoe, Massanutten, and I am going to diablo this summer.

Most east coast bike park trails are narrow, or at leasdt the more 'north shore" style ones. Most of them are pretty techinical, where a 24" would excell. Snowshoe is very technical, with lots of slick roots, pointy rocks, etc. These are called singletrack

This is where youi can use a bigger wheel uni. Most of the downhill style runs are fast, smooth and flowy. there are rocks, but generally the are n ot as big, or tricky as nS style runs.

i wouldn’t reccomend riding a coker at the parks i have been to. You’ll fing your self having a ot more fun on norhshore style trails with a 24/26. As for DH runs, I would reccomend a 29er. I just think a coker wont cut it. At the end of most features there are 3-6 foot drops, and there is normally a lot of mud, and cokers dont have very agressive tires. i am thinking about truying to get a muni meet going at Snowshoe this summer…

That would be great! I’m probably one of the the closest, so it should be fairly easy for me to make it. I think you gotta buy (or borrow) a bigger wheeled uni, though. I’ve been advised to go with a smaller wheeled uni, but since I don’t have a MUni… and I am somewhat partial to Cokers, I think I’ll have to just try my best with my Airfoil Coker.

I went back and found the thread… and now I remember you mentioning it. I don’t think I realized at the time which ski mountain it was at, though.

Awesome! I’d love to ride my Coker at Snowshoe! I’m not familiar with the others, but I’ll try and find them on the Interent now that you’ve mentioned them.

Thanks for clarifying that.

Since I don’t have a MUni and Cokers are my passion… I think I’m going to have to test my skills on my Airfoil Coker on both the singletrack and the downhill runs! I’ll see if I can beat the trails or if the trails beat me… hopefully if the trails beats me, it’s not by a wide margin.

If I only have a few dismounts (planned or unplanned), then I’m sure I’ll consider the trip extremely worthwhile and satisfying.

I’d love to attend a Snowshoe meet this Summer! Lets make that happen…

Now that i think about it, after seeing your videos, you can maneuver a coker damn well. You might not be too bad off, as long ids you aviod big most drops. I would reccomend using longer cranks. before you go to any bike park, bring (a) extra tube(s). Pich flats are common, and no bike shop will have a 36" tube.

I am working out the details for the snowshoe muni/rolling trials weekend, but it will likely be sometime in august, to aviod crazy mud and becuase the trails willbe well broken in.

a 20" wont be all that bad for a bike park. because it will really bre good on super technical stuff.

Thanks for the advice and tips about riding at the park and what to bring (I probably wouldn’t have thought to bring an extra tube)… and for the compliment on my riding!

A Snowshoe muni/rt weekend this August would be awesome!!!

Will you be riding at Snowshoe any time before August?

drools wishing he could go

Ill prolly be up there about 3 times before august, mostly for biking, but ill definetly bring my muni!!

i’d like to see you hit that on a coker…
that one looks fun too

Im trying to work ou the details of the snowshoe rolling trials/muni weekend, ill start a thread tomorrow.

i woud defanitly be there looks like a ton-o-fun

edit:for some of last years pics, check out

HCR- I’d like to come up to diablo too.
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Damn… those look SWEET! I CAN"T WAIT to hit those on my Coker!!! Those pics alone are enough to make me want to go there… I can’t imagine everything else they’ve got going on!!!

Hey DK… did you say that Diablo was even crazier than Snowshoe???

i just mapquested it yah its like 7.5hr from my house and i cant drive so it looks like you to have a good time without me

Well you could probably take a train to NYC with your uni and gear and then throw your stuff in my car and drive down with me if you want to.

i dont think so that would defanitly not fly with my mom but if it where up to me i would be there

Diablo is supposed to be a little better, which dosen’t nesscerely mean better stunts… i need a coker.

They will have at least twice as much stuff in august as last year, it should be crazy!