Anyone ridden @ Long Branch, NJ skatepark?

In my ongoing quest to find skateparks within a reasonable driving distance from NYC, I stumbled across this park. It looks pretty cool! The half-pipes and all those straight ramps look perfect for Cokering (especially with those nice ledges on top)! …and there’s a concrete bowl, too.

Has anyone ridden their uni at this park? If not does anyone know if BMXers are allowed at this park (if they allow bikes, they’ll usually allow uni’s, too)?

If they do let bikes/uni’s ride there, I hope to go sometime soon. If anyone wants to meet me over there (the guys from SWAT and UnicyclePA are pretty close), just let me know (assuming uni’s are allowed) and we’ll figure out when everyone can make it.

Here’s another pic

That looks like fun.

It has a good amount of space to build up speed for some uber rampage.