Anyone own a Koxx Track Monster?

I’m thinking about buying a Koxx1 Track Monster through (free shipping and I have a bunch of credit there to help reduce the price after tax). It’ll be just over $500 total, and I wondered if anybody would want to talk me out of it (or point me to another, better way to spend my money).

What I like about it: saddle, hs-33 brake, 3" tire, ISIS hub & cranks
What I don’t know about: the hole-riddled hub; the frame

Does anybody own one of these? What can you tell me? I’m one of those guys with more money than skills. I ride cross country on pretty rough, rocky trails, don’t do many drops over 3’, and weigh just over 200 lbs (though that oughta diminish now that I have time to exercise again).

Thanks for any info. And before you tell me to search, I’ve already done it and didn’t find any hands-on reviews of anything but the trials.

i dont own one of these.

but if i had a choice to buy any muni on the market, this would be my first choice. i was going to get it but i decided to save up for the koxx trials.

for what you’re doing with it i think it will be perfect, and it looks way better than any other uni’s i’ve seen.

The only worry on it is the rim. It is really light but I have heard issues with it folding on large drops, but since you aren’t doing any of those then you should be fine. Plus 24 inch rims are pretty common so if you decide you want to get rid of it then it won’t be hard to find a replacement.

be aware, it comes with 140mm cranks, which will be fine for DH because you have the brake, but will not be very good for climbing.

do you have a link to amazon for it?

The Try-all rim is actually pretty strong, especially if you don’t do drops over 3 feet. Yoggi and Xavier do huge drops on the K-1 (watch some video’s at I am pretty confident that you won’t have trouble with it.

The frame is fine too.

However, you will probablly want longer cranks than 140.

Here it is … It’s actually sold by a Santa Barbara juggling shop, but if you go through amazon the shipping’s free and, like I said, I have some credit there already.

the site you linked to is a great site. I have bought more than $200 of juggling equipment there, and they are always very helpful, andswering all of my questions and helping however they could.

are you positive the shipping is free? because I think you have to pay since it is through a tird party seller and you can’t even use amazon prime becuase it is a third party seller

Look here. It’s the page that details the shipping policy for the seller–not, but magic geek–and anything over US$200 is free shipping (to the US, anyway). When I put the uni in the cart and went to check out (to see what shipping would actually cost), it showed free shipping. But because I live in Cali, where the store is located, I have to pay sales tax–something I don’t normally have to pay at amazon.

I still haven’t made up my mind entirely, but I’m thinking I may just buy this puppy.

I odn’t think szales tax is as bad as shipping for a 24" muni.

Renegade no longer distributing Koxx-1

I emailed renegade juggling to see if they’d work with my lbs so I could buy locally instead of at amazon, and the reply said that because of the inconsistency of Koxx-1’s ability to fulfill orders, they were no longer acting as their distributor. I don’t know what this might mean for the future of Koxx-1 in the US, but it seems a little ominous. Thought I’d pass along the info.

Gah WTF They owe me cranks!

What exactly did they say? I am about to send them an email but I want to make sure I have my facts straight before I start accusing them of anything.

Did you already pay them?

at worst case senario you could get cranks from

I already have a set, but because renegade didn’t send a small piece that holds them together they got destroyed. Now I have dead cranks and no money. I will most likely be buying them from Division8 as they are in Canada, which will make things alot easier and I will be supporting my country.

Changed to KH Freeride after all …

Thanks to everybody for their input on this. Because of the message from Renegade about Koxx-1’s reliability from a distributor’s viewpoint, I decided against the Track Monster after all. Instead, I’ve ordered a KH Freeride and am planning to add a Magura brake fairly soon, too–then I’ll have basically all the elements I liked about the Track Monster, and for about the same out-of-pocket expense, too. I ended up ordering through from Mountain Gear sports (they’re located in Spokane, WA), and my total for the shipped uni was $470 after a $50 gift certificate.


exellent choice. i would have chosen the same one!

Nothing against anyone here :

One thing to remember : I’m sure you all know people who will most likely always pass the blame on to the next guy, especially when he’s not there to argue… So the rider will obviously say it’s his dealer’s fault, the dealer will blame it on the rep or the distribution company, and the distributor will say it’s the manufacturer’s fault…

We’ve been distributing KOXX and TryAll products in Canada for over 2 years now, and never had a single issue with any of our orders there…

They speak French, and they’re 90° ahead of us… Of course it’s not like dealing with the local convenience store…

[…] the inconsistency of Koxx-1’s ability to fulfill orders […]

Some products have been out of stock for a few months already, especially the trials MUni’s, but it’s the kind of things that happen and you have to live with it… It simply shows they sell a lot, they sometimes run out, and the only way to avoid running out of stock as a distributor is to stock more… But then again, sometimes it still ain’t enough, and you’ll have to blame someone else for unavailability… : /