anyone order from UDC and get a free sticker?

It got a legit “WTF?” out of me when I saw it.

yeah they always add the sticker

I’ve had the stickers in my boxes, but I think I would rememer a bañ sticker. That would just be funny.

I might be going out on a limb here, but it’s altogether likely that most unicyclists also use el baño.

Everyone gets the sticker, it’s juste because and are all the same people… if you know what I mean…

I find those stickers pretty cool though, they could make the a little bit cooler:p

I remember the first time i walked in UDC US and I heard some banjo music playing. I have to say banjos are really cool instruments. I wish somone would implement them in some “modern” music.

I don’t find one banjo at UDC. :slight_smile:

With each order, seems I get a sticker and often get the sticker. I ceremonially place the UDC sticker on top of the stack while I throw the in the trash. Banjos are cool, but I don’t play one.

Is this modern enough?


modern banjo music

I cut the banjo’s out of the sticker and stick 'em to all kinds of stuff. I got a big one on my 29er… I like stickers.

The other night there was a fellow here at the pub who had just received a package and was opening it here. It seems this chap is a banjo player as his package had a few banjo supplies. His comment was something like: “Wha the… thar’s a steeker in heyar tha mus be a mistake. Look like it saz sumfin bout a uneecicle.” He ranted for a while and seemed to be somewhat distraught that someone would suggest he ride around with a post stuck up in him. I fully expect he’ll be back in tonight with a song about his experience that we can all enjoy.

Banjos and unicycles

We have a local customer who comes by our store who’s learning the banjo “from scratch” and learning to unicycle because he wants to be able to combine the two in parades.

So we were able to find a taker for a few of the banjo stickers that we have piled up. (He’s cutting them up and decorating with them.)

There is already a somewhat infamous bagpiping unicyclist in Portland.

And I vaguely recall someone talking about accordian and unicycle and another person trying violin and uni. I was a cymbal crashing unicycling monkey for a Halloween cyclocross race once, but that’s another thread. We seem to have plenty of people willing to “keep Portland weird.”

-Ben Schoenberg

Today I got a and sticker with my new seatpost. :slight_smile:

Anyone else order from UDC, get a wheel thats missing axle bolts and spacers, and get two left cranks? oh, and a free sticker…

Disappointed in UDC.