Anyone on Skype now, I need help

I’m trying to fit maguras to my 29" but having a few problems, the pads don’t touch the rim and one side seems very loose even though it seems to be fully tightened. I don’t have instructions, but if someone can talk me through it I would be very grateful!

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Do you have the little plastic packers that go between the clamps and the pistons? If not they will be loose. Is it bled properly? That maybe why the pads aren’t reaching the rim. You could try moving the pistons closer to the rim before nipping the clamps up and bleeding it.


I’ve got the psitons as close as I can get them I think, problem is im not sure where they should be clamped, is it on the rounded bit or behind that? I’m not sure how to bleed them, but they do jut out about 5mm each.

I dont have any plastic packers, its just the piston and clamps, although there is a rounded part on the piston that is moveable, is that it?

Ok well I think I have it sorted, I swapped the pistons round and it seems to clamp better on the wheel now.
Could still do with a few hints and may need to bleed it too! Where can I get magura blood?

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For a minute there I thought you needed help with Skype.
Silly me, assuming thread titles were meaningful. :roll_eyes: