anyone muni near Harrisburg, PA? (USA)

I’ll be visiting Harrisburg, PA (USA) and I’m looking for some muni riders.

I’m willing to drive a few hours from that area to meet up at some trails.

No one?

I see OneWheelLess isn’t too far away. I PM’ed him but haven’t gotten a response. He hasn’t been to these forums in about 6 months.
Anyone know him? Still riding? Contact info?

If you don’t mind a drive

There’s some really great riding in Germantown MD. I’m guessing that’s about 3+ hours from Harrisburg. There are at least two of us that ride regularly here (munimag on the forums). Let me know if you want to get together.


I’ll have to meet up with you and munimag some time, I live about 45 minutes south of DC. I’ll actually be up in Gaithersburg on Sunday, but I don’t know if I’ll have time to do any riding up there.

Im 6hours away :stuck_out_tongue:

I live like 45 minutes from Harrisburg… If only I was into muni :stuck_out_tongue:


Next Saturday, 8/10.

@haskinsc - Germantown is actually just shy of 2 hours away. I actually contacted munimag last week, but he won’t be available to ride.
Does Saturday work for you?

Yeah, I had the feeling it was going to be sooner than later…

My daughter is in town from Utah and my son is starting back to school the following Monday, so I can’t make, sorry :frowning:

Give Munimag a hollar, he’s within a couple hours of Harrisburg

Germantown MD ride

Yes, I should be available for a ride on Saturday Aug. 11. Are you the person with the geared 24 (or 26)? Claude (munimag) is on vacation but returns late Saturday but he’ll probably not be able to ride with us. There are many miles of terrain here to suit all preferences: technical, hills, rolling, smooth, flat and smooth. Let me know what you’re in the mood for and what wheel size you’d like to ride. I have 24, 29, and 36 (with no brakes yet, yikes!!!).

Oops! Saturday 8/11 :o

Yes, I’ll be on a geared 24, but I don’t need to use the high gear. It just depends on the trail.

I like challenging hill climbs and a mix of technical and flowy trails. I’ll be happy to ride with a fellow muni rider, so whatever trails you think are fun will be good. I’d like to ride for at least two hours to make it worth the drive, but I’ll probably be good for a more since it’s not a race.

send me an email and we’ll make more detailed plans