Anyone looking to build a bc? Free hazard hub with a Stockton build!

Yeah, I had Dave build my most recent wheel, I sent him my rim with a hazard hub, intending to use the hazard, but then I wanted an atomlab, so I ordered it, and had it sent to Dave, Dave built it up with the atomlab, and now he has my hazard.

If anyone’s looking to build up a BC with a hazard hub, You can do it through Dave, he has a lot of rims in stock, and he can also get almost anything. His builds are super strong too I might add. The hub is yours free, Just do the build through Dave, tell him what rim you want on it, and He’ll build it up with the hazard.

PM U-turn for wheel build prices, rim costs, and spoke lengths.



For people who dont know what the Odyssey Hazard hub is, Its a 14 mm, cartridge bearing BMX hub, Very nice.

yay! I’ll do it.

I think I’ll build it with a alex trials rim.

you serious? cause if not, I might take it. Depending on the price of the wheel build and rim. Could you post those prices on this thread for us?

ask Dave about prices. as soon as I get permission from my parents I think I’ll get it.

ok, I’m not using it.

blame evan. he showed my a BC for $12…

haha…I’ll take it.