Anyone looking for a first unicycle may want to look into this

How good is the attached uni on this “unigo”??
it seems like a good deal, and you may want to ride the bike, just for fun, but anyways, you can’t get a learner uni for much cheaper than that, and it may be worth it.

what do you guys think?

i dont think it would work
well to help ride a uni anyway, you would be leaned over too far and it wouldnt help with balance

I assmume doing wheelys is the uni practice

i don’t think its very good for uni practice, the people who advocate them are more into doing tricks on it than anything else.

There have been a couple other threads that went more indepth on them, but I think the consensus was that they were kinda fun but really the only useful part to them is when you detach the uni and use it, its a pretty good square taper uni.

can you use the brakes when its just a uni?
that would be cool… maybe…