anyone living in Portland Oregon?

I don’t know any one close by to Uni with I feel lonley

This Oregon rider roster from is at least a good place to start. There are a few, frequent posters from other Oregon locales.

i live in Salem…do you drive? what style of unicycling are you doing.

unfortunately I don’t drive however my grandparents do live in Salem I am currently attempting distance Unicycling and a bit of freestyling not very good at either of those though

i live in spokane, washington =p i go down there every now and then, next time i do ill make sure to arrange or try to, or ill just bring my uni and ride aorund, try to run into each other =p

My son (age 23) lives in portland and rides MUni, he doesn’t read or post here. He works at Saint Cupcake ask for Cody.

I’ll be in Portland, Oregon starting on the 21st or so and would love to hook up with some of you guys for a rdie and/or to crash at your place if possible. Please see this thread for more details, and post there if you have anything to say. Thanks!

Peace & Love

Portland riders

There are about eight of us that get together for rides, mostly Muni, sopme urban and have organized our communication under

Lots of skill levels in our group, but interestingly we are mostly in our late 30s-40’s, and all males, but if any other Portland area folks are interested, sign up with the rise-up rise-up e-mail group and you can get into the local uni-loop. We did a Bridge Pedal Uni group ride last year and will probably do it again in August.

Note to virgin ears, we curse at times. . . discuss taints and other anotomical abominations related to unicycling - and occasionally engage in crude jack-ass like behavior . . .Not to scare you off, but be warned.


Sweet, sounds like fun! I’ll be in Portland from like sunday the 25th for a couple days, so hopefully we can try and arrange a ride when I’m there. Maybe on Sunday sometime? I sent an email to subscribe to your group…let me know thru that or on the forums what the plans may be. Thanks.

I thought you were coming into town on the 21st? was there a change of plans?

Nope. No one lives in Portland, Oregon. It’s a ghost town.

Oh… so that’s why it’s been so quiet lately…

Ya, sorry there has been a little change in plans. Looks like I’ll be in Seattle till Saturday night the 24th, or sunday morning. Hopefully go for a good ride on Sunday, then maybe one on Monday and/or Tuesday, then I might stay for the Wednesday thing…

oh well… what ever works…

Tried to subscribe to the email list but it didn’t work. I sent an email to the above address that said subscribe, should I be doing something else? Would love to go for a ride with you guys if possible. Does sunday the 25th work?

i live in silverton

salem here… i travel up and down i5 frequently… im often in portland eugene and medford.

I’m up for any trials or muni riding in Eugene/Springfield.

So any takers for hosting me?

I’ll post here when I decide what exact days I’ll be in each city and hopefully I can meet up with a couple of you guys along the way for a ride at least.

Like IO said, I can’t host while your in portland but I did give you the adress for the Shilo Inn down near my house, they’re affordable (by my standards) and have good service. so you’re welcome to stay down there…