Anyone knows good places to ride uni at Amsterdam?

Hi All,

I am planning a 4 days trip to Amsterdam with a few friends.
This is going to be my first visit to Amsterdam.
Apart of going to see a concert of my Trance dj idol - Armin van Buuren at Utrecht, I thought of taking my Uni along with me for a tour in the city’s sites.

My hotel is near “Vondelpark”, which seems to be awesome place to ride at.
I wonder if any unicyclists from the Netherlands in this forum can recommend additional sites that are suitable for a trip with a unicycle or maybe even know of a unicyclists group that maybe active at Amsterdam - for a joint ride.


A short hop north is Alkmaar which has a very nice (long distance) ride along the dunes. I can make detailed instructions on how to get there if you want. There is also a nice mountain bike track if you are into municycles.



Thank you jan!

Actually, I will only be able to bring my QU-AX 20" Muni and thus I’m not looking for long rides, but more of a “hang-out in the city” ride style.

Are there any laws regarding bicycle ride - e.g. mandatory to wear helmet or ride only in dedicated paths?
I don’t want to get in trouble… :slight_smile:

Yeah i figured that. I think you can have a lot of fun just cruising the city. Buy a big lock though and a saddle cover. You can usually take a unicycle with you for free in public transport.

Just to get into the mood of things you can take a look at this video of two german guys who cycled from germany to amsterdam :


This is so cool - but probably it was not an “easy job” riding 200KM with the 20" unicycle over 5 days… I’d go for it with a 36er of course.

Will I be able to carry my uni with me into a coffee shop or other indoor place - or I will have to lock it outside on the street?

I guess you can take it inside or at least try. Be careful with the stuff they sell at coffee shops though. There have been a few deaths lately. Especially at dance events and such.

I’m actually not the type of guy to try what is sold in coffee shop - just looking :smiley:

I’m in Amsterdam.

I guess you’re going to the 5+6 December concert in the Ziggo dome - which is sold-out completely.

For unicycling the weather isn’t yet such that you go outside for fun for long.
And the indoor skate park is closed. So yes, the Vondelpark is always nice.
What type of riding do you do?

Without the forensics being finished it was already clear that that wasn’t exactly stuff you can buy in a coffeeshop.

yeah, i am no expert. Just don’t mess about though, it’s not candy.

Sorry for stealing the thread but I will also be in Amsterdam next few weeks :slight_smile:

At janvanhulzen: Could you please give me details of that park and how to get there?
I have KH26 disk


Vondelpark is here :,4.868648,17z?hl=en

If you do not have a 36 inch or a geared uni the other option is a bit far. Nevertheless it is here:

the mountain bike trail is described here

and is shown here

As a side note: the mountain bike trail can be very busy with mountain bikers in weekends. I haven’t tried it myself yet since i have a 36" uni for long distance road use and am not up to the challenge of steep municycling yet.

Thanks janvanhulzen :slight_smile:
I have a geared 29 but I was planning to bring a smaller muni :wink: If i ride it will be on Wednesday AM

I’ll see what I do.


Yo Juan!

Just a short 8hour drive, or 50min flight upto Denmark! Pop in for a ride! Would be good to see you again :slight_smile:

If you do like trial/muni, then here’s challenge.

If you’re into flat stuff, then in front of the Holland Casino is the spot that BMX’ers love to use, which is in opposite of the main entrance to of the Vondelpark anyway.

Yo Daniel

It would be great but not chance this time.

Maybe in summer. Let me know when you are coming back to Dubai. There is a new MTB trail in Hatta.

Thanks Leo,
Where is that place for Muni/Trial? Looks awesome


Just a little update on the bike paths near Schoorl. There is some “road construction” going on at the moment and the place is a giant mud pool when it is raining. I went there yesterday in the rain and although it was nice riding ( i fell on my face only once :slight_smile: ) there is a spot where you can potentially get a serious injury. They have integrated cattle grids to restrict free roaming cattle. This is an example of what they look like:

Normally they are not a problem but due to road construction they are now 10-15 cm above the road surface and a very nasty for unicycles. I bailed just in time but UPDing at speed into a cattle grid is not a nice thought.

Right behind Snowplanet. For the rest there’s only relative flat hiking paths.
Bus 82 can bring you there from central station.
Without bus I estimate it’s a 1 to 1,5 hour ride, and there’s enough (cyclepath) roadsigns that could bring you back, even if you take alternative routes:
not far away from that place is a cyclo-cross parcour, usually the fence is open for people who’s like to use it.
It crosses the asphalt circuit a couple of time. But in wintertime you likely find mud-traces to link the obstacles together.

Many thanks Leo - Jan
I hope to come back sometime next year and go to those places. They look really nice.

This time I’ll just go to Vondelpark for early morning ride.

Cheers :slight_smile: