Anyone know where this picture came from?

Right, easy enough question with a little background to it. I searched for ‘unicycle’ on (as you do), and it came up with a thread containing a guy who’s made vector art from pictures. And one of the pictures is this one, which I think is absolutely fantastic. I’d love to know who the rider is if anyone knows them.


A camera? J/K :slight_smile:

Actually its drawn on computer, its only based on a photograph :p.


Goodness, that seems too good to be drawn. I would swear its real or photoshopped. Pretty incredible.

Note the lack of spokes on the left bike.

The front tire of that bike has spokes, you cant see them in the back because the highlights of the cloud behind him blew out the fine details of the spokes, I’m sure the poor filter did a number on them as well. If you brighten it, theres far too much detail on the dark ground and the leaves of the tree for it to be drawn on the computer. Also, they layered a bike tire on the bottom as a very faint watermark.

No way thats vector. I can see it being photoshopped though