Anyone know this Uni

Does anyone know what make of Uni this is? It’s on going for around 60 Euros. I’m considering buying the 16" model for my daughter.


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it looks like the generic no-name brand that is the only one freely available in south africa

there r pics of mine in the gallery

see if it looks familiar

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Well yours certainly looks like my no-name 24". The only reference I have been able to find on it is on the rubber cap covering the crank nuts. It says “Taiwan.”

My neighbour gave me his daughters 20" no-name (she doesn’t ride it anymore). So after a quick service I am using it, because I am told they are easier to ride (cannot yet say so myself, though!)

This made me a little unpopular with my daughter. She had her eyes on it. Being as I have two other younger daughters, I will buy a 16" (and will probably end up having to buy 2 more!)


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and so the uni-family grows…



It’s difficult to tell from the photo. It looks similar to a 20" United or Zephyr frame with main cap bearings which are much better to have than the lollipop style in cheap, Taiwanese unicycles. I don’t believe the Zephyr ever came with main cap bearings, though. The seat looks like the Zephyr or older United version. If so, the seat is not too comfortable but it is virtually indestructable. It can fall on the pavement forever without getting shredded. The base is plastic, so that can be hyper-extended while hopping by pushing down on the front of the seat. If it is one of these unicycles, at 60 Euros it would be a bargain. Isn’t the Euro about one US dollar right now? I thought it went back up. You can buy a unicycle like this new in the US new for about $80 US.