anyone know the record for side hop?

ive been trying to find the record for side hoping, but have had now success.

Ryan Atkins form Ottawa has the record at 98cm over a bar and the unofficial at 107cm for onto an object.

ummm do you mean sideways??
I think its 2m

Zack Baldwin has landed 1 meter over a bar, not in competition.

thank you, but i meant sideways(sorry). Is it called a sideways jump or is it side hop…?

You mean in length or height?

In Height people have made 1m over a bar and 107cm on to something unnofically. Officially I believe the record is 98cm, or atleast thats what I saw Ryan Atkins (Yo that mans a FOOOL) do.

Length, unnoficially its its 2.87m long jump and dont know the official long jump length.



We have a list with many records on this homepage: .

thanks for the link

And by a Kiwi nontheless… sponsored rider and NZUni president Joe Dyson of Wellington…
hehe, mean!

you sound like it’s unlikely that a kiwi would make the record … but yet you’re a kiwi too … hmmmm.

Kiwis have developed extraordinary agility from chasing sheep all day