Anyone know the full name of this juggling unicyclist?

I’m trying to track down the full name of this juggling unicyclist.
Even the name of the circus would help.

it says in the title, if that helps any

oh, just realized you were asking for the full name :slight_smile:

It may be possible that number 23 on the list here I remebered seeing this because it stuck out as being awesome. It says he is a russian circus performer named Vladmir Serov. And in both the video and picture he has long blonde hair.

I think you’re right, Wrapmaster. The hair is the same, and searching for Vladimir Serov does turn up some more leads (he was part of the Soviet Acrobatic Revue).

Thanks for your help!

Don’t mention it, I’m glad I could help

Is there a reason your trying to track him down if you don’t mind me asking?

I’m pretty certain busking means just going somewhere, and playing music, making an act, unicycling etc, for donations from people. Why?