Anyone know how to mount a giraffe with one volunteer

Hi does anyone know how you mount a giraffe uni, 6 foot with one volunteer, eg: where do they put their feet,
I can freemount, and know how to get up with two volunteers but wanted a comical way to get on with a volunteer.

If it’s for comedy, why do you need to know the “right” places? Set them up in the most ridiculous position possible and take it from there. :slight_smile:

Have him stand a ways away from you, holding the uni at an angle (seat facing you), run and pretend to jump on the uni.
You can either jump and miss the whole lot or jump onto your volunteer and just about sit on his shoulder (if you’re fairly sure he won’t deck you).

Stand on the volunteer’s shoulders and pretend to mount from there?

These are just ideas, use 'em, don’t use 'em.

Ask him to mount on the giraffe to be able to help you to mount after :smiley: