Anyone know how big a tyre will fit with V Brakes?

Im wondering how big a tyre you can have on with V Brakes? becuase they only open so far, and when you have abig tire on they would rub. So im wondern how big a tire you can have on before the tire rubs against the arm of the v brake when they close shut. Thanks

I have a “ProMax” v-brake on my Coker. With the arms closed I have 1/2" of clearance on either side of the 2.25" tire.

I’d say clearance between the arms/tire isn’t a problem. This is somewhat dependent on your frame width/brake-boss location, but I have to force my tire through the brake bosses when removing the wheel.


What size tire are you planning on installing?
What kind of V-brakes.
My XT V-brakes have different sized spacers to accomodate diferent rim/tire combinations.
Also keep in mind, a fat tire should have a fat rim. What are you planning to use for a rim?

I planned to use brakes on my Savage 24" and even welded on brake bosses. Then I found my rim wasn’t flat enough for V-brakes. In a couple of days I’m installing an ALEX DX32 rim and Maguras! :smiley:

Go for it! And let us know how it goes!:slight_smile:

Re: brakes

all of that on there ? thats one tricked out Savage

Actually, the only original parts left on it are the bearing holders and the frame (which has been modified and reinforced)
I’ll post pics as soon as the project is complete.

cool, pic’s are sweet. i wish i had a camera.

if you have tricked out a Savage, i’m sure i’m not the only one that would like to see it :sunglasses:

I want ot use a 2.6 " Kenda Kolassal DH 24" tire, cuz thats what i got,and im not sure about the rim, MUniart actually reminded me that unicycle rims dont work with v brakes (least mine dont) I already once tried V brakes but the rim wasnt right. Anyone have any suggestions on what type of rim i should get. But I’m in Canada so somthing that costs like 150$ American will cost like 300$ Canadian, just jokin, but everything is so damn expensive from the states. So it would be best if somone told me about a product that you can get a a bike shop in canada. Thx.


fogot about the V brakes, well im not sure what kinda of brakes id use, im thinkin id use the once that came off my gt palamar, so like shimano brakes…

I love my Kenda Kolossal 24"! The tread pattern looks awesome!

My brother uses Shimano XT V-brakes with a Sun RynoLite rim on his Mountian bike and has enough room for a 3" Gazz. I don’t think you’ll have any problems with mounting brakes over your Kolassal. (by the way, what are you using for brake bosses? Is your frame equipped with them or are you going to weld some on?)

I have an Alex DX32 DH rim which I plan to mount as soon as the spokes arrive from The DX32 is an awesome looking (and very beefy) rim that would be excellent for you but might be hard for you to aquire. The Sun DoubleWide is better and about twice the price. The Sun RynoLite and BFR (Big Fat Rim) look OK and would probably be very easy for your bike shop to get if they don’t have them already. I’m not an expert here, but I’m giving you the info I have, since I just finished shopping for a 24" rim.

Anyone else have any rims they would recommend?

I hope this helps you, Brokenframe.

Thanks MUniArt

Yeah, I like my Kolossal to, it girps almost everything. Well I read on here that someone said somthing about Big Cheese or somthing like that, which you can buy which is a brake mount on to your uni, if it doesnt have the brake mounts. I was thinking of welding some one but I’m not sure if mly frame would just melt, im not sure how a norco frame would do with braze welding. So I’m thinkin of goin with the big cheese thing. But if it costs to much I might just have to weld some on.
As for the rim, I should look into gettin the Sun Rynolite or teh BFR.

Thx MUniArt.

my shop said the Big cheeze adapter was 33 bucks