Anyone know Boone, NC?

I have a job offer to live and work in Boone, NC. Anyone know of riders in the area? It seems like a huge mountain biking area, so I’m expected lots of trails to ride.

Any input would be appreciated!

I’ve been several times. It was before I started riding though. I went skiing. The skiing there isn’t bad. They have got some pretty wimpy ski slopes that I’m sure would be badass muni trails. The landscape is gorgeous though.

I lived in Boone for four years while going to college there. it is a sweet town with great access to all kinds of nooks and crannies of the appalachian mountains. btw locals pronounce it apple-a (as in frAggle rock) --chin. I don’t live there now, I’m in Portland, OR. I also didn’t ride much trails then, so all I know is hiking stuff. but the area is totally worth it! cold in the winter, but you’re from PA, so no big deal.

oh yeah! and in Asheville (2 hrs away) there’s a MUni weekend in september. just found out about that. again. i don’t live there so i haven’t been, but the area is awesome.

Hey UniMD, Boone is a cool little eclectic college town. It’s one of the places I visit often for shopping and people watching, never to ride though. There are many very awesome places to ride in NC, and a growing amount of uni riders, including an active unicycle club in Asheville. We would love to have you join us.



I’m moving to Boone, NC, in June. In fact, I’m visiting there for a week right now. Anyone know of other riders I can link up with?


I live in Holly Springs, NC. Google the Asheville Munifest and you will find some riders in your area on that page. Also, I started a group at Boone is great!

Awesome! Boone is a nice little town, big college, enough entertainment to make for a good time, close to some decent skiing, biking, paddling, and climbing.

We go up there to ski in the winter, but for riding we usually go to Asheville.

My duaghter is considering App State for next year.

After you get settled, give me a hollar, maybe we can meet the Asheville crew for a weekend of riding at Bent Creek or such.

Check your PM’s.