Anyone know anything about his mororized uni?

This is very True! I picked up windsurfing in one day when it normally takes people months to reached what I’ve done.

I would think that if you rode a motorized uni for a while though it would mess with you actual unicycling ability. Like when a tennis player plays racquetball it messes with their swing. Like when I used to ride a B*ke and uni it would throw off my balance a lot.

Well, as I’ve come to understand it, people learn at extremely different speeds. Also some people just naturally pick up certain sports better. Sometimes it’s related to existing useful knowledge. For instance a sailor might learn to windsurf quicker than someone else, or an aeronautical engineer too.

But a persons thinking and understanding processes seems to be the overwhelming factor. Also people who pursue more learning ventures seem to pick things up quicker, because they are so familiar with the learning process. I think this a large factor in why young children and young adults learn to uni so quickly, because that’s what they’ve been doing almost exclusively for their entire life so far. As people get older they settle in to their ways and stop or slow down their learning severely.

I doubt there is much to “learn” with these motorized unis. If you can ride a bike, you’ll be familiar with side to side balance, and the gyros take care of the rest (if working the way they are supposed to) For all I know it might have some lateral gyro technology as well.

It might be knowledge could be a setback in this case. Fighting to correct/compensate.
The WORST motorcycle passengers are people who know how to ride. They automatically start setting up for the corners as if they were driving. It hard for them to sit and enjoy the ride.

True, that if you buy the Ryno, it’s not to go fast. The sad thing about that is that the Ryno looks fast. By limiting the speed, I imagine they are greatly limiting their liability. Also they are probably keeping it well within the software’s ability to keep up with changes.

Those who buy the Ryno will be people with disposable income enough to buy it as a really cool novelty, or a getting-around-downtown type of thing. Yes, a unicycle (or a bike, or walking) will remain the better fitness option.

Based on my (brief) experience with Segways, and with two different electric, gyro-stabilized unicycles, being a unicyclist will both help and hinder you. It probably helps the most in the steering department, where we have the built-in programming to turn a vehicle of the same shape. Maybe also the riding-position department; we’re used to sitting upright with our feet down below, and the movement of a single wheel below us.

The downside will be the need to unlearn some of our unicycling reflexes. Like putting our feet on pegs, trying to correct against the way the stabilization system works, etc. But mostly I would consider unicycling skills a plus.

Definitely if you rode it a lot. It might take several minutes to re-acquaint your body and reflexes to the unicycle. I don’t think it would be any worse than switching wheel sizes.

:astonished: :astonished:

Should cars and motorcycles do this for the same reason?

Cars which have no purpose other than to ride on public roads… yes. There’s no reason you car should go over 100mph if you don’t take it places where that’s allowed. (talking about USA)

I think there should be some kind of special registration process that you must keep up with and pay for in order to own and use a fast car.

That’s my opinion at least.

Obviously not as slow as this thing must go…

Pretty soon we’ll have to register 36" unit and Geared Unis….:smiley:

Actually, we already have a system like that, it just applies to normal cars too.