Anyone know anything about his mororized uni?


It looks similar to this.

There’s enough readable text in the top photo to google a few words from it and find out lots more, but it seems to have surfaced at an auction in Daytona during Bike Week 2007. The original listing is still online here:

Note that it’s described as “MV Monomoto Unique Motorcycle Art” (find that phrase on the page) and they state that it is not a rideable machine. And there are lots of other things on the page that I’d much rather have. :slight_smile:

Consensus seems to be that it’s a hoax or spoof or parody or what have you of recent construction incorporating some vintage parts. The Zorro-looking guy with the cape in the picture might have been included there to help tip off potential bidders.

Well what about this? There’s also a youtube of it.


My dad researched it and said that it was something created a while ago as art, the back story was created at that time as well. He also pointed out that if it had actually intended to be ridden the seat would be far enough forward that the head light wouldn’t be pointed at the ground when you rode it.

I am anxiously hoping that the RYNO will make it to the market. It looks so cool, and it works! I might even buy one if it’s not too crazy-expensive.

Sadly, when you look at it with that in mind, it seems all too obvious. The machine is a beauty, but even if it ran, there seems to be no balancing mechanism there; not even brakes? Even with brakes, to ride it like a wheely machine, you would apparently have to lean way forward for it to work.

It’s also been pointed out elsewhere that the engine is rigidly mounted to a rigid frame, and yet there are springs and shock absorbers–going from the engine to the frame. Motorcycle collectors who saw it in person at that auction likely would have known right away that it was meant as a work of art, not to be mistaken for an actual historic vehicle.

And I wonder if “motorcycling bon vivant Todd Fell” as mentioned in the text might be one of the two men in the picture, someone many Daytona Bike Week attendees might have recognized.

But it is very pretty.

It will be

That depends on what he means by crazy expensive.

Yeah, tbf in my world it doesn’t take much to be crazy expensive lol

Quite. I do own a custom uni built around a Schlumpf hub, but don’t have plans of getting a second one (for MUni) in the near future. I’d probably rather have one of those than a RYNO, but in any case, the RYNO should cost less than a full-sized motorcycle that can be ridden on expressways, I guess.

Wired magazine has a hands-on review of the RYNO here. They like it. Shipping pre-orders in April!

But top speed is only 10 mph, looks like it’s more of a Segway-style sidewalk machine than a motorcycle.

I saw a motorized uni on “Pickers” when they went to England. But the guy didn’t won’t to sell it, so they didn’t talk about it. Did anyone see that episode and know anything about that uni?

$5,295.00. Right now they are collecting interest in an initial, small production run. Probably very small at that price. It’s a little more than the original Segways, but IMHO a lot cooler looking. I hope the price will come down after they’ve done some larger production runs. This from their website:

“A limited, short production run, special edition Micro-cycle will be available for the first few lucky people to sign up. Expected delivery will be in the 2nd quarter of 2014 for a total price of $5,295.00. All RYNOs must be picked up at an authorized RYNO dealership where new owners will need to go through a brief training program prior to taking ownership. Initial dealerships will only be in the U.S. with a few locations on the east coast and a few locations on the west coast. All other bikes will ship after our high-volume production run, sometime in late 2014.”

Who’s going to be first to put up a refundable, $150 deposit for one of those?

If it only goes 10mph you’re better off riding a real unicycle! Exercise, faster (36er or geared), insanely cheaper, portable, lightweight, low cost maintenance.

There’s a yahoo article on this thing now:

I wonder if people who already unicycle have an edge when learning to ride the Ryno, or if the gyros negate any advantage.

I think I would be at less of an advantage. Since I would be so uncomfortable not being in control at first.

That’s a question that I’ve pondered since I first saw electric uni’s. I think that it probably helps at least some to have unicycle experience., as long as the rider realizes that they are not the same thing.

As unicycling in general probably improves your balance, it seems that you would be at least a little better learning any new balance related thing.