anyone know about k1 frames?


I picked up what is supposed to be a k1 alien but I’m not sure it is what I actually recieved. Does anyone know if there are any distinguishing features on the frame? My frame is pure black with no stickers/decals etc. I am not worried about missing stickers but the pit fighter seat post wont fit snugly. The post clamp bends the frame when I tighten it but the seat still slides without much effort by hand and I know if I sit the post will hit the tire. I think I got the wrong frame when it shippedal any thoughts or suggestions on how I can tell if I have the right frame? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

My son has a Koxx K1. Don’t know about the Alien bit.

On his uni there is a fairly thin shouldered aluminium sleeve that fits between the seat post and the frame tube.

I think that the alien frame needs a 27.2mm seat post and the pit fighter is 25.4mm. Not too sure, just a guess.

Koxx Golden

My kids have the Koxx Golden unis and those, too, have the aluminum sleeve.

Thanks to you all. I appear to be missing the sleeve. The post is 27.2mm and I measured the frame tube at 30mm. Neither of my other unis needed a sleeve, so this must be my “new thing learned” today :slight_smile: Thanks for the help. Off to do some google-fu and see if I can track one down.

The Koxx-one frames (at least the devil one I had) are designed for 29.2mm seatposts. That is why there is a “shim” to fit them with a 27.2mm seatposts (or a thicker shim to go with 25.4mm seatposts).

If the frame doesn’t have one, it is easy to find replacement shims, just be careful about your I.D/O.D. combo (inside and outside diameter).

Or you can drop the shim altogether if you go for a pivotal seatpost at the proper diameter and the KH zero :wink:

I went with a down home approach of a few soda cans cut and wrapped around the seat post. Not very classy but it makes it feel like my own. I might check the lbs for a shim, but for now I can ride the 20 like I stole it. Thanks again for all the help. Missing part and not operator error. (Will buy from udc from now on) happy trails/trials!