Anyone know about a Husky unicycle???

An aquaintance has offered me a Husky unicycle, supposedly about 30 yrs old and in great shape. I’m thinking it was just a short lived brand? anyone know about the Husky Unicycle and if it would be worth taking up space with???
any information would be great

I know they make cheap bikes for kids. I remember all the kids in my neighborhood having either Husky or Murray bikes. I think my first bike was a Husky.

I’ve never heard of a husky bike (or uni). are you sure you didn’t have a Huffy when you were a kid?

Doh! Don’t I feel stupid! Was definately thinking of Huffy’s, somehow remembered them as Husky’s. My elementary school maskot was a husky, perhaps I mixed up one childhood memory with another. Or perhaps college is making me stupid. Sorry for the confusion.

I believe Husky unicycles were a Norco brand from way back. Mike Rocks has a 26" Husky that he still rides about town (when not Cokering or MUniing) - try emailing or PMing him (though he may be out of contact right now). If it is the same unicycle as Mike’s, it is an old specimen, but a sturdy basic ride.

Good luck!


I have a few Husky’s hanging in my shop.
For historical reasons only.

Husky’s were a unicycle sold in the 70’s.
It is the same as an old Norco.

They came with killer seats, Cotter pin cranks,
steel rims and very heavy steel frames.

When you stop by the shop I will show you them.

Bring it if you get it. I would like to see it.

Take it easy,

Oops! Sorry, I thought Mike had a decent Husky (with cotterless cranks) as his regular ride. I stand corrected! :o

It sounds like my old Concord, another sticker on a 70’s Japanese unicycle. Does it look like this?


The only part of Mike’s unicycle that is Husky is the frame. All other parts have been replaced.


That’s the same unicycle.
The frame is good but heavy. It has a couple Allen key adjusters in the bearing holders to adjust the wheel if it was out of center and used NK hubs.

Norco sold them with the Husky logo and put a little “N” sticker on the fork.

They came in Red, Blue or chrome.


So Darren, or anyone else with a helping word. Would giving $30 for this beast be sensible, I’m told it’s in excellent condition, and she’s had it since she was a little kid, about 30 years…
Like you said Darren, it would basically be a unicycle to have just because…

I bought a couple of old garage sale uni’s with this same frame under the brand CyclePro back in '90.

Used them for years as loaners/trainers for the neighbor kids.

One is currently my handle bar uni.

The other has a chrome Torker wheelset and a Stealth Torker seat and is functioning very well as my freestyle uni. (although it will be retired as soon as I get the Sem Long Neck frame).

There was at least one other on the track at NAUCC last summer.

You can never have too many unicycles.

If it’s 30 years old and hasn’t been upgraded it will have cottered cranks. I wouldn’t consider a unicycle with cottered cranks to be worth $30 unless you are getting it for a novelty. The Concord/Husky frame is kind of cool looking. If you bought that uni you’d be buying it for the frame and then you’d want to replace the cottered wheel with a cotterless wheel. It’s not the best frame for freestyle, though, because the crown is too far away from the tire.

IMHO, you’d be better off putting that $30 towards one of the new 2004 model Torkers


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